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My consignment business in 2023 has grown and taken listings across more marketplaces than before. Those that know me know I’ve been a die-hard eBay promoter. Growing my eBay career had become my long-term ambition. Recently, I learned about the power of having items on multiple platforms. I’m happy to announce that my partnership with “List Perfectly” has allowed me to take my business to a new level of online selling!

List Perfectly has provided me with the tools I need and offered me a “little” position within the company. My current title with the company is “Director of Business Development”, which is a great honor for me after the layoff from WorthPoint. This is a great boost for my consignment business too.


I love helping people succeed, and thanks to List Perfectly, I can participate in an amazing community of resellers. Everyone is eager to learn and grow their businesses. Which includes everyone from the new online seller to seasoned sellers like myself. Together, we never stop learning.

List Perfectly is a small, women-owned company. And these ladies have created such a “powerhouse” of a company that continues to blow me away every week! Not only do they update the site and include amazing additions to meet the needs of their members, but they also launched a “Listing Party” website to complement List Perfectly and the community of resellers. Every day, members can log in and have live conversations while they list items online! WOW RIGHT?

Consignment 101

We all get lonely in our little online selling world. No one understands the world of reselling like fellow resellers! It’s my pleasure to host Consignment 101 and eBay 101 directly on the Listing Party site. I will be going live every Sunday night to answer questions and learn from fellow online sellers. It’s free to attend for all subscribers of List Perfectly.

Learn more about the different plans they offer: List Perfectly Plans. If you use the code PSMOM at check-out, you will receive 30% off the first month. Personally, I recommend the Pro-Plan. You can always downgrade if needed. But if you are a reseller, I know you will love it as much as I do. (Note: I do not make any money from that code. It is my gift to you!) FYI they do offer a 5-day money-back guarantee too. Just saying: VIEW DETAILS

They also have a directory of consignment sellers, virtual assistants, and consultants that cover every area of online selling, meeting all the needs of resellers.

Many of my client’s consignment items are now available on multiple platforms:

  • eBay
  • Poshmark
  • Etsy
  • Mercari
  • Depop
  • Grailed
  • Instagram

And more as needed. Those are the main sites I crosspost on at this time.

consignment contract

PowerSellingMom’s consignment terms have also changed in 2023. Still keep items until sold, however, now charging a $5.00 listing fee. Learn more at “Consignment Terms 2023” and contact me with any questions.

Thanks for reading! Cheers to a healthy and prosperous New Year!

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