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With so many online and digital marketing channels available to businesses today, getting started or trying to take things to the next level can be confusing and overwhelming.
What are the best digital and online media outlets for you? Should you invest in email marketing? Who has time to be on 10 different social media streams? What about YouTube videos, podcasts, and webinars?

How can a DIYer or small business be successful when promoting their business online? How will you find the time and money?
Well, I know just how you feel. I was there once, too.
Currently, I have over 37K followers on Twitter, 6.2K fans on FaceBook, 3.5K subscribers on YouTube, and over 250K listens on my BlogTalk Radio Show!
It wasn’t easy but being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. However, it is doable!
Allow me to share a very quick personal story of how I went from “OMG! This is crazy! I can’t do this!” to today.

Quick personal story or “How I got started with online and digital marketing”

My online career started with eBay in 1997.
As eBay grew, I had to figure out why I was not getting traffic to my eBay listings. I mean, I had a great eBay store so buyers were supposed to just show up, right? LOL!
That’s when I learned the term “digital and online marketing”.
That’s also when I turned to MySpace. Back in the day MySpace was ‘the’ social hot spot.
I opened up an account, made digital banners, and started to promote my eBay store and the items I was selling.
Soon, MySpace became #2 in my traffic report with eBay #1. My sales increased and I learned about the power of digital and online marketing.

Tons of traffic was coming to my eBay store because I had managed to grow my ‘list’ to over 10,000 “friends”.
Woo hoooooo! I could now claim to be an expert in online and digital marketing!
I was completely self-taught and feeling pretty darned proud of myself.
Tom MySpace Profile Page 495x322
Then one day my account was hacked.
I went from over 10 thousand friends to only one friend – “Tom”.
I learned a big lesson that day. Never, ever, ever put all your business eggs on one website.
But, thanks Tom. You were there for me, man. I’ll never forget you.

How I handled digital & online media marketing after the hack

Blogging had just become popular on eBay. Back then eBay had on-site, self-hosted blogs and you could blog about anything eBay.
I completely understood why sharing information was great for my eBay store and business so I blogged my little heart out!
It was awesome until eBay couldn’t keep up with monitoring it so they closed it down.
I had done it again. I had put the power of my business into someone else’s hands!
Determined to be successful, I attending a blogging convention in Orlando FL and tried to absorb as much as I could about the world of “blogging.”
I discovered business people were taking their future into their own hands by building their own “blogs” and websites.
Soon was born! I was in control and back in action! Traffic was, once again, steadily flowing to my eBay listings.

Then social media and more self-publishing platforms happened

OK, we’re all busy people so I’m just going to bottom line social media, self-publishing and online and digital marketing overall
Here’s the deal, we’ve been handed all these FREE marketing tools. Learning to master them can take time but once you have a system intact, it can be gold aka ‘money in the bank’.
Social media is the new path to purchase. Unless your website has a zillion visitors or you are willing to spend bookoo bucks for online ads, you must be active on the social forums that make sense for your business (aka whichever one(s) that will create a solid return on investment).
Further, social media is (mostly) FREE to use.
Visit my social media marketing page for more information.
Self-publishing platforms such YouTube, BlogTalk Radio, iTunes podcasting, etc. all provide FREE opportunities for you, too!
It’s time to get out the iPad, video camera, or phone and hit that record button!

Visit my podcasts and webinar pages for more information.
Whether you have an eBay store, eCommerce business (clicks and mortar) or a regular bricks and mortar business, you can’t afford NOT to take advantage of these digital and online marketing opportunities!
Let me help you enjoy the same online financial success I do. Hire me to help you with your social media marketing strategy and implementation!

Email Marketing is a girl’s best friend

I’m a ‘save the best for last’ kind of gal. This is why I’m ending this article with my personal favorite – Email marketing!
Early on in my career as an entrepreneur, I learned that ‘list building’ is the same as a savings plan. It costs far less money to keep a customer than it does to acquire a new one.
Further, a customer/client who is truly interested in your subject matter or product line is likely to be a repeat customer. That’s the gift that keeps on giving. It’s just like stockpiling money away and keeping it for a rainy day.
My email marketing list is, currently, over 5K wonderful folks who keep me busy with consulting work and mailing out eBay items.
Let me help you get started in email marketing or show you how to grow your list.

Questions? Contact me.

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