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Every day I’m asked questions about social media marketing – which, I LOVE!
Me? I’m a HUGE social media fan!
Not only is social media just so much darned fun but Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Plus, Linkedin, BlogTalk Radio, etc. provide us all with golden opportunity to market our business – for FREE!
Now, while nothing is ever truly “free” (after all, time is money) social media platforms are the gifts that keep on giving.
Currently, I have over 37K followers on Twitter, 6.2K fans on FaceBook, 3.5K subscribers on YouTube, and over 250K listens on my BlogTalk Radio Show!
So, how did I get such large followings on these channels?
It’s simple really. I was a single mom raising 3 kids and I didn’t have time to waste. I had to figure out how the quickest, best, and least expensive (read – FREE) way to get on the social media marketing train.
The more important question, however, is, “Does having all these followers help my business grow and be more profitable?”
The answer?
While email marketing is still the #1 marketing tool available, social media platforms provide incredible opportunityto build brand awareness and increase sales by running contests, offering coupons, sharing “how to” info, etc.
Social media drives engaged and loyal buyers to my website and eBay store. That’s Internet traffic I didn’t have to pay for!
Bottom line?
You can’t afford NOT to run social media marketing campaigns.
Business owners, entrepreneurs, and eBay sellers all know they *should* be using social media but their top roadblocks are;

  • Feeling overwhelmed because there are so many social media channels
  • Falsely believing they have to be active on all channels to be successful
  • Fearing that social media marketing costs more time and money than they can afford.

I can help you get past these limiting beliefs because I’ve been there!

Social Media Marketing Training & Consulting

Remember the part earlier about me being a single mom with 3 kids to support? That’s 100% true.
This means I can identify with all your social media marketing fears. No matter how much I love social media, when you have 3 mouths to feed and everything rests on your shoulders, all kinds of fears can creep in.
But I was able to create a streamlined, easy to use, automated system to handle my social media and I can help you learn that system!
Let me help you create an engaged community around your business, products, and brand! It’s far easier than you imagine to attract and audience and, more importantly, keep them interested in what you have to say and sell!
Whether you’re a beginner or already have experience that you want to take to the next level, let me help you learn my proven social media marketing system. I benefit and profit from this system every day and so can you!
To learn more, visit my Social Media Marketing Training & Consulting Page.

Social Media Marketing Tips & Tutorials

Through the years, so many folks have helped me learn and grow that I invest heavily is sharing free “DIY” and “How to” info eBay sellers and other entrepreneurs.
Visit my Social Media Marketing Tips & Tutorials page and learn how to;

  • Choose the right social media platforms
  • Find the best days and times to post for your business
  • Build solid and lasting relationships
  • Use images
  • Increase sales
  • Drive traffic to your eBay, eCommerce, or brick and mortar store
  • And, the proverbial “so much more!” – cheesy, but true

Social media marketing is not hard. You just have to roll up your shirtsleeves, grab a cuppa cuppa and dig in!
Ready to get started? Have questions? Contact me! I’ll be happy to help you succeed!

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