A Webinar Review – The Easy Way To Sell On eBay

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This is a follow-up from a webinar presentation titled “The Easy Way To Sell On eBay.” presented to:

Thank you for inviting me to do an online webinar. I appreciate the opportunity and I look forward to hearing from everyone that attended.

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The Easy Way To Sell On eBay

Thanks for joining me today.

Seven Steps to Listing an Item on eBay

Research Before You List

Successful listings take much research. If you are out sourcing items, I suggest researching items before purchasing. You can use the eBay mobile app and/or the WorthPoint App.

On eBay review SOLD/COMPLETED listings. On WorthPoint Search All Categories. Note: depending on the item searching on WorthPoint, it is optional to adjust the cateegory search as needed.

For example, if you want to look up a pair of Florida Hurricane shorts, you may want to change the category to only search “Sports.”

On eBay once you find that awesome item that sold, simply click on SELL ONE LIKE THIS to start the listing process.

After finding a special item on WorthPoint, you can also list it directly from WorthPoint, or you can “Save to Favorite” for faster reviews and/or listing later.

Do not skip any area in the “Item Specifics” section.

Learn more about eBay’s Business Policies at: “EBAY BUSINESS POLICY PAGE

The good news is you have options before it goes live. You can

  • Preview
  • Save it for Later
  • Cancel

EBay will also show you how much it will cost to list the item before it goes live. Learning more about eBay fees on another post, I have “How Much Does It Cost To Sell on eBay.”

Every system has room for improvment. Even mine. I’m always looking for ways to “Simplify” my selling system. Lots of trial and error. My goal has always been to make life easier for myself when it comes to selling on eBay. I like a system that runs smooth and is easy to manage.

Shipping Supplies

It can take time, but with each listing, shipping, sourcing, everything you do with online selling, spend some time to review the process. Look for ways to make it better and over time, you’ll have an easy to manage system customized to meet your needs.

Take advantage of receiving 50% off the first month of WorthPoint and start researching ALL of your collectible items. Use my referral link: ResearchIsKing.com and enter the code at check out: WEBINARLRA It does expire on July 28th. If you have any questions about WorthPoint, you can contact me at: danna.crawford@worthpoint.com

Want to keep learning? I’m glad to help organize and participate the Webinars online with WorthPoint. They’re always free, educational and entertaining.


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