Ebay Open 2019

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eBay Open 2019 can be summed up in one word: WOW!

This year’s Seller Celebration at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas was nonstop excitement, information, and inspiration.

ebay open

From Tuesday’s Welcome Reception to the drum line and clapping tunnel that led attendees to a surprise champagne toast followed by Thursday night’s festive closing party.

First, let’s sum up the news from corporate — and it’s all good.

Announced at eBay Open was the much-anticipated new seller protections promised in the Spring Seller Update.

Furthermore, Top Rated Sellers get special protections from false Item Not As Described (INAD) claims. These protections will be automated in Seller Hub:

  • Up to $6 credit towards return shipping.
  • For items not returned in their original condition, sellers may give partial refunds of up to 50%
  • eBay will remove negative feedback, defects, and opened cases (which affect Seller Metrics)
  • Negative feedback and defects for partially refunded transactions will also be removed

Multi-User Access (MUAA)!

A long-promised initiative has arrived: Multi-User Access (MUAA)!

MUAA only applies to creating, revising, and publishing drafts and listings. It will gradually be expanded to encompass shipping, customer relations management, etc.

Third, and possibly the most enthusiastically received announcement: a new picture-editing tool that whites out photo backgrounds!

Right now it’s only available for eBay Mobile on the iPhone, and only eBay Open attendees could sign up for the beta; , Android and desktop/laptop versions are in the works.

This is truly a game-changer that will save you time and improve your pictures!

Next came the news that “Terapeak Product Research” is rolling out to eBay Store subscribers.

The growth tab in your Seller Hub will be replaced by a Research tab. NOTE: I’ve actually been beta testing this tool in my hub. The research will date back a year with a selling history however the older dates will not allow you to view the items. Unlike WorthPoint. On WorthPoint we can view the actual listing descriptions. Terapeak does not offer this.

eBay FBE = Fulfillment by eBay

Big-volume sellers of multiple-quantity items, the other great news is the beta roll-out to select sellers of Managed Delivery.

The new “Managed Delivery” is an end-to-end fulfillment service. The service is basically eBay’s version of “FBA.” You’ll need about 1000 SKUs for it to be cost effective.

In addition to the General Sessions, attendees had their agendas more than full. With a wall-to-wall schedule of info-packed workshops, panel discussions, and pop-up sessions.

eBay Seller Diversity Advocates attending eBay Open 2019!

Full Agenda at eBay Open.

Together they covered virtually every aspect of ecommerce, from creating the perfect listing to SEO for Google Shopping.

The workshops will be available on video sometime within the next couple of weeks.

Note: Recordings will be posted when ready.

Breakfast, lunch, snacks and cocktails were included each day.

eBay sellers network over lunch at ebay open.

The Expo Hall was comprehensive and intriguing. With an array of eBay teams floating about. Third-party providers were giving away swag along the way.

NOTE: One of the sponsors was my favorite tool “WorthPoint!” I was lucky enough to be able to be a part of the team and help out at the booth.

WorthPoint team at eBay open.

As for networking, it went on 24/7. With old friends reunited and new friendships were struck up. The valuable selling tips exchanged and useful business connections forged.

Ebay Open was well worth the price of going to Vegas, even without adding in everything else that happened at the event.

Prepare for eBay Open 2020!

Bottom line, if you didn’t make it to eBay Open 2019 for whatever reason, mark your calendar now for the third week in July 2020.

Ebay Open Top Tip!

Start saving up for next year’s eBay seller conference extravaganza!

eBay Open 2019

Learn more by viewing the official eBay Open 2019 resource guide.