eBay Seller Summit 2015 Recap #ebay20

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It was an honor for me to attend the eBay Seller Summit and 20th Anniversary Celebration at the Convention Center in San Jose CA, Sept 10th & 11th, 2015.
There were so many highlights to this trip that I will give you an outline now and then I will post my take on each of the changes coming to eBay that will be rolling out this Fall.

#ebay20 started with the best event first – dinner!

eBay 20 Anniversary Dinner Menu Danna Crawford Power Selling Mom 361x480
I arrived a day early to attend a special VIP dinner with eBay staff and 15 other eBay sellers. This was a wonderful kickstart to the event for me!
I enjoyed talking and spending time with the eBay staff.
During dinner, the staff asked thoughtful questions of the sellers’ panel regarding their opinions and experiences selling on eBay.
The staff made sure the environment was a comfortable one so I felt at ease sharing my thoughts in my ‘trademarked’ forthright manner.
The staff demonstrated active listening and were truly interested in what each one of us had to say. It seemed as though they were truly connecting with those of us ‘in the trenches’ and was a very special time.

In turn, each eBay staffer handed me a business card and encouraged me to connect with them directly to voice future ideas and opinions.
Knowing that a company like eBay actually cares about what you have to say and having them hand you a business card with their direct line and email address? P.R.I.C.E.L.E.S.S.

#ebay20 brought big changes to selling on eBay

The next day started off with an awesome buffet breakfast which included our early registrations. There is nothing like surrounding yourself with like-minded people that all enjoy the same thing you enjoy.
The conversations echoed all to the same tune of “selling on eBay.”

eBay CEO Devin Wenig 340x255
eBay CEO Devin Wenig Photo Credit: eBay.com

The 1:00 pm event was the keynote address. The speaker was none other than current eBay President & CEO, Devin Wenig.
Devin reflected on two incredible decades of eBay and the world of opportunity for sellers everywhere. Since I’ve been selling on eBay for almost 20 years, Devin’s speech really moved me and I think I even got a little misty-eyed at one point!
Then, more eBay executives took the stage to share their stories. Included in the list of presenters was:

Each executive brought insight, logic, hope, and enthusiasm to the eBay sellers in attendance. The following topics were covered by the speakers as well as during the workshops presented the 2nd day.

Please keep checking back during the next week or so as I’ll be posting in-depth articles detailing and reviewing these changes. Join my newsletter and get these helpful articles delivered straight to your inbox!

  • Seller Standards
  • Seller Hub
  • Promoted Listings
  • Listing Quality
  • Structured Data
  • Shipping
  • Search
  • Feeds and Inventory Management
  • Returns
eBay Founder Pierre Omidyar 400x397
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

More eBay surprises

The best surprise was when Devin came back to the stage and brought with him the founder of eBay, Pierre Omidyar.
This was ‘the’ highlight of my trip!
I can not overstate how much I admire and respect Pierre Omidyar.
Not only is he the founder of eBay, he is a caring individual who believes with all his heart that “People are basically good.”
That famous line of his has stayed with me since I first saw his words typed on a page at eBay. I, too, believed in those words even before I became a seller on eBay. Yes, Pierre, people ARE basically good!
One more thing…
Unbeknownst (I’m sure) to Pierre, he helped a single mom feed and clothe her 3 kids, keep a roof over their heads, and eventually send those 3 kids to college.
I’m that single mom and had Pierre never founded eBay, I don’t even know how things would’ve turned out for my family. For his divine intervention into our lives, I will be eternally grateful.
So, as you might imagine, I sat in the front row when Pierre spoke and hung on every single word he said!
Below is a video clip that I made at the event. You’ll have to turn up your volume and it’s not professional quality but I just had to share it. I hope you find it as inspiring as I do!
(article continues after video)

We like, we like to party – eBay style!

Later that day, we entered the classic “clapping tunnel”.
If you’ve never experienced it I can tell you first hand it is an emotional experience.
The eBay staff lines up in two rows, one on each side of a path and all the sellers walk through the middle while the eBay staff loudly claps and says “Thank You”.
I also recorded that and have it posted on the Power Selling Mom Facebook page.
As it turns out, there really is light at the end of the tunnel and it was glowing from the grand entrance to a magical ballroom!
It was party time!
Soon Pierre and Devin came on the stage with a Happy 20th Birthday to eBay Toast and I was able to capture a selfie while they were on the stage.
Danna Crawford eBay 20th Anniversary Party Ballroom 700x525
There was music, dancers on stilts, several massive food buffets, and an artist painting large faces of Marilyn Monroe, Jimmy Hendrix, and my our beloved Pierre Omidyar.
In fact, I think I saw that painter on “America’s Got Talent”!

The eBay sellers and staff had an amazing time mixing and mingling. The band played and everybody got footloose. Also, we did not allow anyone to back Baby into a corner. 😉
Good food and great times were had by all!
I gained many new friends and reminisced with old friends. eBay staff could be found everywhere talking with us and cutting it up on the dance floor.

Lots of coffee and learning

The following day flowed as smoothly as the many cups of coffee we all consumed after our late night. What happens in San Diego, stays in San Diego! 😉
It was a full day full of terrific workshops!
One of my favorites was about the Global Shipping program. I had an excellent chat with that eBay team and I will have more to share about that later.
The final workshop was about returns on eBay. Jonathan Haney and Lauren Yee were the presenters. I will be posting a blog about that as well.
Later in the day, I felt so blessed as I sat on a seller panel and shared my eBay experience with a packed room – standing room only.
eBay Seller Panel Discussion eBay 20 Anniversary Danna Crawford Power Selling Mom 808x532
Also, I’m incredibly honored that Time.com’s Money Magazine reached out to me for a quote for an article they were writing all about selling on eBay!
Thanks to Time.com author Brad Tuttle for including me in his fantastic piece! You can read it at Time.com.
Time.com Money Magazine Article Featuring Danna Crawford eBay Power Seller 496x462

eBay Giving Works

For those of you who know me, you know that charity is ‘my thing’. I know what it’s like to struggle in life and I want to help others move out of that scary place.
While at #ebay20, I received a commemorative special eBay anniversary shirt from Cheryl Fujji. She is the Senior Manager Marketing & Communications at eBay.
She said the shirts were just delivered, but we soon discovered one had a flaw on it.
I said, “I’ll take it!”
My idea was to have eBay executives and staff sign it and then sell it on eBay! Ironic, right?
100% of the proceeds are going to my local food bank in Ocala, Florida. Since September is World Hunger Action Month it’s perfect timing!
This auction ends 9/27/2015 so get your bids in on this one-of-a-kind t-shirt and help to end world hunger!

BID NOW eBay item #391263765200
Look what handsome fella (am I allowed to say that?) signed the shirt! A BIG thank you to eBay CEO, Devin Wenig and all the eBay staff who signed this spectacular shirt!
Your acts of kindness will go a long way in helping my local community. You all are just the BEST!
eBay CEO Devin Wenig Danna Crawford Power Selling Mom 700x525
eBay CEO Devin Wenig signing shirt for Ocala, Florida food bank charity auction with Danna Crawford, Power Selling Mom.

Signatures include (to name a few):

  • Wendy Jones – VP Global Operations
  • Hal Lawton – SVP North America
  • RJ Pittman – SVP Chief Product Officer
  • Jordan Sweetnam – VP Seller Experience
  • Jonathan Haney – Seller Protection
  • Jeff Terrell – Director of Community
  • Laura Chambers – VP Global Customer Trust
  • Cheryl Fujji – Senior Manager Marketing & Communications
  • Audrey Tracey – Social Marketing Manager
  • Brian Burke – Director Seller Experience

#eBay20 wrap up

Bottom line, the #ebay20 was spectacular and I will be high on eBay for quite awhile! I’m feeling refreshed and more motivated than ever to continue growing my eBay business!
Book your session with me if you’re ready to do the same! Let me help you learn how to sell and make money on eBay!
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