2015 eBay New Seller Standards Overview #ebay20

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For those of you who don’t know yet, I was invited to eBay’s 20th Anniversary Bash and Seller’s Summit, Sept 10, 2015 in San Jose, California.
While there, eBay’s executive staff made the following announcements regarding changes to the Seller’s Standards.
All I can say is “Hallelujah! The devil’s OUT of the details!”
Beginning on Feb 20, 2016, the following will no longer impact the defect rate (detailed seller rating/seller performance):

  • Buyer feedback (Negatives, Neutrals)
  • Detailed seller ratings (DSR’s)
  • Return requests that are successfully resolved with the buyer
  • Item ‘not received’ requests that are successfully resolved with the buyer

What does this mean? 
First, the rating criteria above impacts how prominently or not our products show up in the search engines as well as in eBay’s own search functionality.

Meaning, even if you’re a wonderful seller with terrific feedback, the “devil’s” been in the details. eBay uses a proprietary algorithm that adds up all these detail ratings based on (presumably) a point system.
From that mathematical equation, eBay (just like search engines) then determine which products should get top placement when a potential buyer conducts a search.
With the above being taken out of the equation, the success of our eBay business will now be based on our hard work and will give us more control.
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All good sellers need no worries because the platform will be a simpler, more fair and predictable system. eBay is taking the load off the complexity without sacrificing the buyer’s experience.

THANK YOU eBAY, for taking the ‘devil’ out of the details!

Sellers spoke and eBay listened

These welcomed changes are based on surveys that sellers sent in so, yes, eBay does listen!
This is why it is so important to voice your opinion. Fill out those surveys when you see them available.  
The top 3 things they heard from sellers were:

  • Standards are unfair for my category – we have naturally higher returns.
  • Why should I bother doing great returns?
  • Buyers are abusing returns, citing SNAD (sale not as described) when we know it’s really buyer’s remorse.

We will soon have “simpler standards”. Here’s a screenshot of what’s to come:
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Based on this change, the biggest question I’ve heard is “How does on-time shipping work?”.
The key here is “acceptance scan”.
The first thing the eBay system will do is check to see when you delivered the package to the carrier.  Sellers will be recognized for on-time shipping if the tracking code shows an acceptance scan from the carrier within the seller’s stated handling time.  

Once eBay has that info you, will be good to go!
Note: Handling time is the time between when you receive payment and when you deliver the package to your postal carrier. Specifying the right handling time helps in setting buyer expectations. So, if your listing states ‘one day handling time’ be sure you are able to ship within one day.
If there is no acceptance scan within your stated handling time, then the eBay system will look for delivery confirmation. 
If tracking shows the item was delivered by the estimated delivery date, then the shipping is ON TIME and you are good to go!
If there is no delivery confirmation they the system will check with your buyer. They will receive a note from eBay that shows a NEW Buyer Question.

They’ll check for on-time delivery when the buyer leaves feedback. If the buyer says they received the item by the estimated delivery date, then the shipment is marked as on time!
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The three simple steps for online shipping are:

  • Pick a handling time that you can meet.
  • Deliver the package to the carrier within your stated handling time.
  • Upload a tracking number.

Shipments will only be considered late when tracking shows a late delivery and there is no acceptance scan within the stated handling time or if the buyer confirms late delivery and there is no acceptance scan within the stated handling time or there’s no delivery confirmation by the estimated delivery date.
Take a peek at this new part of the dashboard…
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Quick eBay selling tips

Best practices for eBay sellers on how to keep your defect rate low:

  • Make sure you’ve got items in stock. If the item is not available, end the listing ASAP.
  • Resolve issues with buyers ASAP before the buyer asks eBay to step in.

How to Meet the on-time shipping requirements:

  • Have realistic handling times in your listing and stay committed.
  • Deliver the package to the carrier within the stated handling time and select the same shipping service or a better one as stated in your listing. Do not down grade the shipping.
  • Upload tracking and the easiest way is to print your labels on eBay!

Provide good, quality service in addition to accurate descriptions and you will be on track to top-rated seller success!
Read more on eBay’s SELLER STANDARDS PAGE.
Tune into my recap…

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