eBay’s Hub is Hubba Hubba #ebay20

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Dennis Pereira Danna Crawford eBay Seller Summit 2015 700x500
Dennis Pereira (B2C Product Marketing Manager at eBay) & me (Danna Crawford) at the eBay Seller’s Summit 2015!

eBay is rolling out an amazing dashboard location that will be available to all sellers. They’ve entitled it, “The Hub”. However, I’m calling it “The Hubba Hubba”!
I first learned about this on the big screen at the eBay Seller Summit in San Jose, CA (Sept 10th & 11th, 2015). I’d been invited to attend the eBay 20th Anniversary Bash and was lucky enough to be among the first eBay sellers to learn of this and many other wonderful changes eBay is making!

On a more personal level, it was such a great a pleasure to meet Dennis Pereira, the Product Marketing Manager at eBay as he shared with me the details about The Hub.
The more information he shared, the more excited I got thinking, WOW this hub is going to be an amazing tool for eBay sellers!
Hence, The Hubba Hubba!

Why eBay sellers need some Hubba Hubba in their lives

For myself as a marketer, what I love most about this Hub is its ability to measure our marketing results and display them alongside viewing updates with each listing.

This shows eBay sellers the live, actual statistics of how our listings are performing. Incredible!
The creators of The Hub designed it with a few specific goals in mind:

  • To simplify the seller experience (and you know I am all about simplifying selling on eBay)
  • Keeping everything all in Place – making this a “Unified Hub” No jumping around with that lost feeling we tend to feel sometimes looking for our reports on eBay.
  • Detailed Analytics (hubba-hubba) – This is the part I was especially excited about as eBay confirmed they are providing us with “World Class” analytics capabilities.

As an eBay selling coach and consultant, one of the biggest questions I receive from clients is “How can I market my listings more?”.
The Hub gives sellers such awesome data through this new dashboard AND provides tools with guidance on which direction to go. Basically, eBay is doing an even better job of helping us all be successful sellers!
Now, selling on eBay can be challenging. I know you have heard me say it and if you’re like me, you love a good challenge. With this new functionality, though, it will be easier for us all to take our eBay stores to new levels!
Bottom Line: Selling on eBay will soon be easier insert
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Hubba Hubba highlights

The eBay Seller’s Hub will actually consolidate all of our selling tools, showing competitive insights and listing guidance all in one dashboard. Providing us with one unified location that will be easier for every type of eBay seller from the newbie to the more seasoned.

The hub will also provide a quick way to add photos with a streamlined listing form and will include variations for those with multi-quantity listings in addition to bulk editing those live listings. WOW
ONE MARKETING LOCATION directly on eBay which will include education with WHY and HOW to promote items. The sales performance view will include detailed sales with metrics such as monthly sales and page views.
Keeping track of orders includes cancellations and returns with an easy access tab within The HUB! Crazy, right?
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Welcome eBay New Seller Hub 700x500
The hub is not quite ready yet but you can sign up now for the waiting list at:   THE HUB
This bad boy is expected to roll out little by little throughout the month of October 2015.

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