Einstein + eBay = KC2 (Ka-ching!)

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Now, before you think that all I’ve done is written another article about eBay marketplace research just so I can talk about my beloved Terapeak for the umpteenth time and tried to trick you into reading it by using ‘Einstein’ in the title – you’re right.

But not for the usual reasons.
While I’m the Queen of Harping (about researching eBay items), this is not about Terapeak so much as it is about YOU.

Einstein could’ve been a top rated eBay Power Seller

The picture above has one of my favorite Einstein quotes;

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

What does this have to do with you making money on eBay and eBay marketplace research?
A *lot*.
Have you ever had a gut feeling that an item you wanted to put on eBay was MORE than what it appeared be?

Let’s say you find an item that “feels” or “looks” interesting but you don’t know what it is.
These kinds of items are “whatchamacallits”.
And, let’s also say that your initial assessment leads you to conclude the “whatchamacallit” is likely not worth listing on eBay?
So, you decide not to aquire the “whatchamacallit” but can’t stop thinking about it. Your “imagination” keeps sending you “daydreams” about the “whatchamacallit” turning out to be a valuable find – like the surprises we see on “Antiques Roadshow” or “Pawn Stars”.
As Albert pointed out to the world, it turns out that your “imagination” is very smart!

Imagination & Research Are Your BFF’s

Before I go on, allow me to make one thing very clear – never buy or turn down the chance to buy an item until you’ve researched it. Yes. On Terapeak.
That said, sometimes you will be in a situation where a decision has to be made and the research simply cannot be performed beforehand.
This is when imagination must overrule knowledge.

As you learn to trust your “imagination”, or “gut instinct”, doing so can open up worlds of knowledge that you didn’t even know you were missing out on!
And you can turn this new-found knowledge into wealth!
Case in point…
Some time ago, I came across a pretty miniature tea set. It was the kind that’s for adults and not for the kiddies. 😉 It was very pretty and had the markings of a major English bone china company. That piqued my interest but selling tea sets on eBay can be big time hit or miss.
The tinier pieces of the tea set were also marked with “Bermudiana” and “Made for Trimingham’s”.
At the time, I didn’t have access to Terapeak so I had to go on imagination and my 15 years of accumulated knowledge as an eBay seller.
I purchased the tea set and promptly took it home to get my research on!
Though I was familiar with the English china manufacturer, I wanted to find out about the “Bermudiana” and “Made for Trimingham’s” stamps.

It turned out that Sisyrinchium Bermudiana is a beautiful blue wildflower, related to the Iris, and native to the islands of Bermuda.
Trimingham’s was found to be a department store in Hamilton, Bermuda.
Not only was Trimingham’s a major tourist destination for the cruise ship passengers, it was no longer in business. “No longer in business” is eBay code for “antique”, “vintage”, “collectible” and basically any word that implies, “Ka-ching!”
The whole scenario kept getting better and better.
Because of my research, when posting the miniature tea service on EBay, I had more information to give the potential buyer than simply its condition, measurements, and maker’s mark.
I was able to include the following details:

  • Information on the Sisyrinchium Bermudiana flower
  • A short history of Triminghams department store
  • Calling attention to the rarity of the pattern
  • The tea set’s connection to Bermuda

Those extra details can make a huge difference to people who bid on an item. Extra details also made a pretty and collectible item appealing to a wider audience. More eyes on your items means more and higher bids.
The tea set ultimately fetched a pretty penny. But, more importantly, it was a reminder to me that by trusting my imagination and using solid eBay marketplace research I would keep growing stronger at selling on eBay.

Research is good for the soul & the sales

Sometimes, when you surprise yourself doing research, it puts you in a great mood! It’s part of the reason why I LOVE what I do.
You never know what you will find!
Using the miniature tea set as a reference, a color I swore was black turned out to be the darkest cobalt blue. And, did you know that “Bachelor” means more than just a single man living alone? In the world of tea sets, including miniature tea sets, it means “service for one”.
Hence, a “Bachelor” tea ‘set’ has a single cup and a single saucer. But these sets can bring double digits in profits on eBay!

Because of my research, the next time I’m at a garage sale, thrift store, auction, etc., I’ll have more knowledge about tea sets and who knows what valuable treasures I’ll be able to spot because of it!
And one more thing…
Research is worth the time and effort when it comes to planning your listing titles, too. Find out how best to describe the piece and use the types of key words buyers are searching with.
With a bit of poking around on Google or Bing, you’ll be able to identify the exact words to use in your listings so the search engines will love you and potential buyers can find the items you’re selling.
Give eBay marketplace research some extra time and energy. You will surprise yourself. When it comes to selling items someone else, somewhere in the world has that very same item. With a little imagination, you can find it on the Internet.
When you do, a “whatchamacallit” ends up with a name, a purpose, a price, and, best of all, an eBay buyer!
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