Latest Changes in CompTIA A+ Certification Exams and Why Utilize Practice Tests for Prep?

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Many entry-level specialists in IT understood that it is not enough to gain practical experience to leverage their careers. Even though you know how to handle different IT processes, recruiters will always appreciate those candidates who have international accreditation added to their resume. So, if you want to get a better job and obtain a generous salary, you should take certification exams provided by some of the most popular vendors in the world.

The Exam-Labs accreditation is one of the most demanded badges nowadays. Many fresh graduates enroll in its exams and put effort into studying to get the passing score. If you want to become A+ certified, you need to pass two tests. You will first need to obtain the passing score in a 220-1001 assessment and continue with the 220-1002 test to get the desired certification. These new tests have been launched in January 2019. Thus, before jumping into taking these new exams, any candidate should understand very well, which changes were effected by the vendor and what skills they need to develop to pass their assessments from the first attempt.

Updates in CompTIA A+ Accreditation Exams

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The previous A+ assessments focused on how to manage and troubleshoot Windows operating systems. As the trends are changing and the new generation of specialists need to handle new systems and features, the new exams focus on security, networking, connectivity, and cloud topics Visit Free.

While the old 220-901 test targeted more topics related to hardware troubleshooting and networking, the new exam emphasizes more concepts related to cloud computing, virtualization, and networking issues. In the newest version of the test, candidates will still need to know how to handle different network solutions and troubleshoot the systems, but their attention should concentrate more on the new technologies and concepts.

The second exam that test-takers currently need to register for is 220-1002 . It replaces the old 220-902 test and also targets the newest generation of technologies. The biggest part of the questions in 220-902 focused on Windows OS and software troubleshooting topics. The rest of the items targeted other operating systems and different operational procedures. The newest version of exams shifted their focus and ask candidates to solve more items related to security and software troubleshooting.

Even though the exams’ structure changed a little bit, Security+ Practice Test 11 it is still particularly important to train hard to pass both of them. The vendor’s website is full of comprehensive training materials that can meet any exam-taker’s expectations and training preferences. Before you decide to register to take the real tests, you should take a look at reliable practice tests. They will help you discover your weak points and what you can do to consolidate your knowledge to excel in two assessments.


The CompTIA A+ certification Exams remains one of the most popular credentials that entry-level specialists in the world strive to get. It helps them keep up the pace with the latest technology trends and recommends them in front of any international recruiter. While the training is extremely important to pass both tests necessary to get certified, candidates shouldn’t underestimate the power of practice tests as they offer improved hands-on experience and equip you with the relevant knowledge to master A+ concepts.