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Traveling around presenting eBay workshops is one of my specialties for the USPS. Thanks to Ms. Teresa Hill, Postmaster’s secretary in Gainesville FL. Ms. Hill approached me about 8 years ago to do a workshop at the USPS. The rest is history. I’ve done these types of workshops every month around Florida and Georgia ever since.

The goal of each workshop is to give people the tools they need to get started. This also includes the confidence needed to begin.  The recorded presentation includes the basics presented at the workshop. However, my workshops are actually 2 hours long. This video is about an hour. It does not include my “insider” tips and tricks of the trade. The live workshops include more hands-on details along with questions and door prizes.

Feel free to pause and replay the video as needed. You can also book-mark this page and return anytime.

Shipping Supply Check-List

Order Free Boxes

1-800-610-8734 or Online at:
Be Prepared – My Suggested List:

  • Case of Padded Flat Rate Envelopes
  • 50 Flat Rate Envelopes
  • 50 Legal Flat Rate Envelopes
  • 25 Tyvek Envelopes
  • 30 7 x 7 x 6 Boxes
  • 20 Regional A Shirt Box
  • 20 Regional A Box
  • 10 Regional B Shirt Box
  • 10 Regional B Box
  • 25 Large Mailing Box 12 x 12 x 8
  • 25 Large Shirt Box 12.5×3.125×15.25
  • 25 Shoe Box
  • 10 Flat Rate Large (Square and/or Game)
  • 10 Flat Rate Medium
  • 10 Flat Rate Small
  • 5 Tubes in each size (if desired)
  • 1 Roll Priority mail stickers
  • 1 Roll Express Mail Stickers
  • 10 Express Flat Rate Envelopes
  • 10 Express Flat Rate Legal Envelopes
  • 30 Envelopes with window (to hold International labels if offering shipping outside the GSP)

Freight Shipping Suggestions

Local Pack and Shipping Services (Ocala FL)

  • Goin’ Postal
    2659 NE 35th St,
    Ocala, FL 34479
    (352) 351-2201

eBay Training Consultant Selling Coach Danna Crawford 350x350

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