Sell Old eBay Clothing Inventory on ThredUp

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Those that know me, know how I feel about inventory! I hate inventory! I do not like keeping items listed online for more than a year. Yes, I do have a few exceptions to that rule but will address that subject later. Today I wanted to share what I do with old inventory that has not sold on eBay or other marketplaces.

After I’ve given up on lower prices and sent it out to an eBay auction I will throw in the towel and move on. Pulling them offline is fast and easy using List Perfectly. Once I have them ended from all the marketplaces I will box them up and send them off to ThredUp.

ThredUp pays for the shipping. I keep a box ready at all times to include items I’ve researched and that are not worthy of selling on any of the marketplaces or platforms I sell on. Once I have a box full I will prepare to ship.

If you want to send items to thredUP, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on thredUP if you haven’t already done so. (USE MY LINK AND RECEIVE A $10.00 CREDIT to get started)
  2. Click on the “Clean Out” tab on the thredUP website.
  3. Pack up your items and send them to thredUP using the prepaid shipping label.
  4. Once thredUP receives and processes your items, you will be notified of your payout. You can choose to receive your payout via PayPal or thredUP credit.

ThredUP only accepts certain brands and types of items, so make sure to check their website for a list of accepted brands and guidelines before sending in your items. Additionally, not all items will be accepted, and thredUP may donate or recycle items that do not meet their standards. You can also request to have the items returned for a fee.



ThredUp has recently added a processing fee. The good news is you are not charged this fee upfront. It will be deducted from the final sales. Learn more on the site using the CLEAN OUT tab after you create an account.

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