Top Tips for Profitably Listing Leather Handbags on eBay

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When it comes to hot ticket items to sell on eBay, leather pocketbooks and purses for both women and men are high on the list. But to optimize your profit, it pays to follow a few best practices. 

Money Bags

First, decide if the handbag is worth listing. Here are some criteria to consider:

  • Quality
  • Brand
  • Style
  • Condition

You really can’t go wrong with a bag from a name, brand designer or company. More so than brand, however, what matters most to many buyers is style. I sell more cross-body bags and totes than anything else!

A couple of key Dos and Don’ts: 

DO make sure that your brand-name handbag is genuine!

  1. Check the stitching. It should be tight, fine, and even, with no missed stitches.
  2. Examine the hardware, especially the zipper(s). It should be sturdy, not flimsy.
  3. Make sure the name or maker’s mark is correct for that brand and bag.
  4. Logos should be right side up and always facing in the same direction.

In short, use basic common sense!

DON’T walk away from a bag with moldy leather.

That can often be fixed! Get the lowdown and how-tos from WorthPoint’s webinar Caring for Vintage Leather with Wayne Jordan

To avoid returns, describe your handbag accurately and provide plenty of measurements and photos. Important details to call out include:

Create the eBay listing.

  • Style — clutch, crossbody, messenger, shoulder, tote, wristlet?
  • Does this bag have a lining? If so, of what material?
  • Does it have pockets? If so, what kind — for example, inside/outside, zipped/open, cellphone/keys — and where are they on the bag?
ebay updates fall 2019

Measure the bag’s height (without straps or handle), width, and depth as well as the handle drop. These dimensions should be in your item specifics, too. You’ll need to add a custom item specific for Handle Drop, because it’s no longer a default.

eBay Photos

eBay gives you 12 pictures, so don’t skimp on photos. Show all 4 sides, the top and bottom, and the inside. In addition, take closeups of logos, tags, and other details, especially any flaws or blemishes (which you should also disclose in the listing’s Condition Notes). If the item comes with a protective dust bag, show that too.

NOTE: The eBay shipping store recently launched eBay branded cloth bags. They include a drawstring closure. Some folks may call them a “shoe bag” but I use them to ship purses. This gives a nice presentation to the customer. click to view

It’s really important to be competitive with your price, so make sure you know the bag’s CURRENT market value. To determine that, look at trends, i.e., how has it been selling over the past 5 years or so? 

A great place to research this is, which shows you actual listings, not just sold prices and dates. So you can see what keywords sellers used in their titles and how they described their items. Use these keywords when you write your title!

Speaking of keywords, the most important ones are brand and style, plus the name of the design (if it has one). If I have room, I’ll include various synonyms: handbag, purse, pocketbook.

Make me an offer I cannot refuse!

List your leather handbag in the fixed price format to start with. I recommend using Best Offer, too, so decide what’s the lowest amount you’re willing to accept. 

But I hate unsold inventory, so if a bag doesn’t sell, after awhile I may click “Send to auction” and specify that amount as the opening bid. 

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By the way, I offer free shipping on some fixed price items, but not on auction items!

Follow these proven best practices to maximize your profit when listing leather handbags.

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