Selling Louis Vuitton Merchandise on eBay

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If you are thinking about selling Louis Vuitton merchandise on eBay there’s much to do. There’s a lot more to the process than you might first imagine. You’ve got to make sure you take all the right steps needed to be successful with your Louis Vuitton sales.

Louis Vuitton consignment

There’s more to selling a brand name product than taking a few photos and describing the product. Some of the steps are obvious. Some necessary measures are not so obvious. Yes, you’ll need spectacular photos and an enticing and keyword rich description. Yes, you’ll need to make sure you list the product in the right category to ensure the best visibility.

What you might not realize is you’ll need to value research the product. You’ll also need to prove it is a genuine Louis Vuitton. Let’s break down the steps here so you’ll know what to do when you are ready to list your product in the eBay marketplace.

Verifying Product Authenticity

If you are selling a genuine Louis Vuitton, you’ll be dealing with issues on how to prove its authenticity. You don’t want to make the mistake of posting a listing for a Louis Vuitton that’s not genuine. eBay has a habit of pulling the listings of fake handbags.

eBay’s goal is to protect buyers and your goal as the seller should be to align yourself with the same goal. The buyer will expect you to answer questions about the product’s authenticity. You’ll also need to share information in the product description. Your knowledge goes a long way in earning the buyer’s trust.

There are some tell-tale signs to look for when evaluating your Louis Vuitton handbag. If you notice any of these signs, you might be dealing with a replica. A buyer will not pay the same price for a replica. If the buyer gets a replica when expecting the real product, you can bet you’ll have a dissatisfied customer.

how to spot a fake louis vuitton

Some of the signs you have a replica include:

A low-quality design: Louis Vuitton handbags are of superior quality. Only the best materials go into the product. Its design is well-constructed.

Unusual design: If you have a “Louis Vuitton” that you’ve never seen before, be careful. If you have trouble finding the same design online, you might have a fake. Don’t jump to the conclusion you have a rare prize to sell. Do your homework by researching Louis Vuitton handbag designs.

Plastic hardware and embellishments: If you see a bag with plastic parts, it’s not a Louis Vuitton. The brand name manufacturer makes stunning handbags with gold or brass hardware only.

Improper alignment of the logo: If you notice the “LV” on the handbag is out of alignment, it’s no Louis Vuitton. The designer handbags have the LV logo on the handbag with impeccable perfection.

Flawed threadwork: If there’s crooked threading or off-color thread, you’ve got a fake. The real handbags have a high stitch per inch count to give the bag greater strength and durability.

No LV logo on the handbag’s zipper: No engraved LV logo on the zipper is a sure sign of an unauthentic handbag.

The bag’s interior is thin or cheap looking: If the inside is plastic or a poor-quality material, it’s not real.

Inappropriate bag tags: This handbag does not have a brand tag made of cardboard. No price tag hangs from the bag with a common plastic loop.

Patterns that tilt: The Louis Vuitton designs have even patterns, not tilted. If the pattern is off or the desi, it is a replica.

The absence of an upside down “LV” on the backside of the handbag: Here you must be careful. Not every single design the manufacturer plays sports the inverted LV logo. Some designs do though. You should find the LV inverted if it’s one of the Papillion, Keepalls, or Speedy styles.

No street vendor sales: The designer will not sell to street vendors for resale.

“Made in China:” The authentic handbags come from Italy, Germany, Spain, and the United States.

Pricing Your Louis Vuitton to sell on eBay

Price: List a fair price for the buy-it-now option. If you are auctioning the product, including whether you want a reserve or not.

Valuing Your Louis Vuitton

You’ll want to sell the bag at a profit but also at a reasonable price. You’ll need to do a bit of research to find out what the bags are selling for on eBay. You can view the current sold and completed listings.


I suggest to use Worthpoint’s valuation search tools. The site features over three million images so you can do visual comparisons of the handbag. The good thing about Worthpoint is you can view product descriptions. The information will help you plan your own product descriptions. (click to enjoy a free trial of Worthpoint) 

An Informative Product Listing

The buyer of a Louis Vuitton is not looking for flowery language in your product description. They don’t want to read about how great they will look walking down the street sporting a Louis Vuitton.

They already know it! What they do want is a clear and informative product description. The description should include all the following elements:

A Short Title with Keyword Inclusions: No flowery words in your title. Use keywords and a clear reference to what you’re selling.

Brand information: The buyer knows it’s a Louis Vuitton, but what year was it made? Where was it manufactured? Look for the serial numbers inside and include that with the listing.

Style and model number if applicable: Is there a model number on the bag or not? What style is the bag? What about zippers, enclosures, and pockets inside?

Information on flaws if applicable: Are their scratches, tears, holes, or small marks on the bag?

Product dimensions and Stich per Inch details: Make sure to include the Length and width. The height and depth are also important. If you’ve weighed the item, include the weight as well.

Correct keywords: Keywords match the handbag you’re selling, not any old bag.

Condition: Is it new or pre-owned and good or fair condition? Be honest with your assessment. It influences the value of the piece.

No keyword abuse: Reading too many keywords in the description is like watching paint dry! Keep those excessive keywords out of the product content. Black hat search engine optimization techniques are out of the question.

Clean content that’s easy to scan: Break up the information into sections. Use subtitles. Make sentences simple and clear.

Shipping and returns: Include the shipping costs if applicable. Make sure you include the return policy you offer. And insurance is a MUST.

Up to 12 flawless photos: Listings do better with at least one photo. You’ll want plenty of photos at different angles. Make sure to photograph the sides, back, and inside of the bag.

The image should not have props in it. You’ll want a white or plain background. You’ll want to frame the image. Examine them with care. If there are some flaws, take the photos over or crop the flaws out. Otherwise, use a photo editing program to touch the image.

selling Louis vuitton on consignment

If you want to make your life a whole lot easier, get in touch with me. I am a consignment seller on eBay. I’m more than happy to help you sell your Louis Vuitton merchandise on eBay. Contact me direct and/or book a call or text me to schedule an appointment. I have customers from all over the world that send items to me to sell for them on consignment.  For large items I use the service called UShip and for several boxes I use Roadie.

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Learn more about Roadie at:

I’ve been a consignment seller on eBay since 1998. It’s my livelihood. My goal is to sell items high. It’s in my best interest so we both can make money.  Learn more on my consignment page and feel free to download a copy of my contract.

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