What’s Your Marketing Spirit Animal? Take the Quiz to find out.

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Let’s face it; some of us are natural  born marketers. At least, that’s how it seems to those who fall flat on their face with marketing efforts.

Some people have a knack for selling. Some don’t. But, it doesn’t mean marketing techniques are not something you can learn. It doesn’t mean you can’t embrace new and innovative means for sharing your brand with the world. In fact, one way to up the ante with marketing is to tap into your inner:

Marketing Spirit Animal.

Yes, there’s apt to be a long and awkward pause after reading that last line. But, think about it for a minute. The marketing world is a jungle where only those on top of their game can survive. There are traps and pitfalls the marketer faces in the social media marketing sector too. As a marketer, to be successful, “When in Rome, do as the Roman’s do.” You need to go a little wild!

In a moment you can take this speedy quiz to find the inner marketing animal in you. You might have a wild and aggressive spirit animal waiting to unleash itself! Or, you might discover you have a spirit animal with a poor marketing focus. When you find out who your inner marketing spirit animal is you’ll know the way to marketing success.
Before you take the quiz, you can prepare by asking yourself these types of questions:

  1. What type of marketing are you using your social media resources for right now?
  2. When thinking about content to post to your social media stream, how far ahead of time do you plan your posts?
  3. When it comes to social media communications, what is your communication style?
  4. Do you align yourself with other experts within the same industry? If so, do you share some of the expert content or comment on it?
  5. Why do you use social media resources?
  6. What is the amount of time you spend on social media weekly?
  7. What inspires you to want success in your business?

READY? Have you read your notes?
Take  the QUICK online version :

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What marketing spirit animal are you?

Leave a comment below and share your ANIMAL marketing style!


For more spirit animal marketing details, I’m offering a FUN detailed quiz you can print-out and share or save the PDF to your computer files. The printed version has more details than the short version taken above. You can keep it online or print it out. The download is only 99 cents and it can be used over and over again. I just ask you not resell it or change it. Enjoy!
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What are you made of?

marketing strategy spirit

Is this you?

Your inner strength and confidence are contagious. Your personality is one of the powerful tools you have in your marketing arsenal. People respect you because you demand respect. People enjoy your company because you respect them in return.
Or could this be you?
Social skills are your forte. When you command attention, you get the attention you demand. You’re a person of few words, but those words are something you chose with care. Your attentiveness to expression ensures a concise marketing message.
What skills do you own?
You also know the importance of taking a break from the marketing madness. Exposure is a desire. Over exposure can mean the death of your marketing success. You have an innate understanding of this balance and adhere to it like a golden rule.

Are you a Lion or a Lioness?

Being out in the wild marketing jungle makes you feel vulnerable. You feel disorganized. Things distract you with ease. The demand for attention and the limited attention spans of others makes your head spin.

Download a questioner copy. Print it out and take it to the next event to share!

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