eBay store marketing using an RSS feed

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eBay store marketing using an RSS feed

As an eBay seller, you get access to innovative tools for ensuring seller success. One tool that many sellers either ignore or don’t know about is the RSS feed. eBay store owners can use this for marketing. Sellers can gain sales through RSS feed use. The feed makes it possible for the eBay seller to list products and present them to a larger target audience.
rss feed
An RSS feed is something webmasters rely on for syndicating fresh content. A primary advantage the RSS user derives is there is no need for the manual update of the feed. The resource’s operation ensures ease of content sharing. It lets the eBay seller reformat content for RSS feed distribution.

With the buyer, an RSS feed is an easy means for keeping current with the latest offerings on eBay. The buyer can read about current eBay auctions and buy-it now options. The information becomes accessible without having to visit the eBay site. The viewer would need an RSS reader.
The RSS feed is a tool that allows the buyer to avoid having to sift through a ton of listings. It makes product discovery an easy step. It simplifies buying from preferred sellers as well. Some may call it an “old school” way to monitor listings on eBay but I do believe some people are still using this style.
If you’re a buyer, signing up for an RSS feed is simple enough. But, buyers have a few steps to take before they can take advantage of the selling power of an RSS feed.

The RSS feed for sellers can be a HUGE marketing tool.

I know eBay sellers will want to take advantage of.

Let’s look at what an RSS feed is and what it can do for sellers and buyers using the eBay platform.
Please note: The RSS Feed tool is available to eBay sellers who have a store only. It is not available to individual sellers now.

Exploring the RSS Feed Option and its Benefits

The term RSS is an acronym with each letter standing for a word. The term RSS has two meanings. First, it means “Rich Site Summary,” and “Really Simple Syndication.” Now, with a name like that you might be lead to believe the act of setting up an eBay RSS feed should be simple. But, setting up an RSS feed is not a cut and dry process.
The reference “Rich Site Summary,” is the essence of the RSS feed and its purpose. It is a form of web feed eBay buyers can use to view through a compatible feed reader. The reader allows for the user to view a variety of web content through one news aggregator.

The aggregator detects if fresh content is available.

If so, it allows for the content to become visible through various websites and the reader. As the news is visible on various sites and to target readers, it is the syndication of fresh web content.
eBay sellers can cater to the busy lifestyle of an eBay buyer. The hopeful eBay shopper does not have to sift through old listings to get to the new. The feed or channel is something the eBay seller will need to set up if the seller is to access the new material.

Creating an RSS Channel

So, why are sellers not taking advantage of the RSS feed function? For some, not knowing how to start up the RSS feed is the problem. Others who try working with computer coding to set up the feed find the process nerve wracking. But, what most eBay sellers don’t know is there are a few steps to setting up an RSS feed.
One step is to access the RSS feed tool can only be found in eBay’s “Old Store” settings.  If you’ve switched your store to the NEW settings then the RSS feed can not be located.  One option is to switch your store to the old version and then from “manage my store” you can located the RSS at the bottom. If you have trouble finding the tool, use the following steps to change a sample code. You’ll get the same results.
Finding information on RSS channel set up is tricky. To make things easier, you can use the example here to set up the feed for your eBay store.
Note, in the example, my store name is (ASK-DANNA). Anyone wanting to alter the code you see below will need to replace the mention of (ASK-DANNA). Here’s how to make the necessary code modifications.
My Code for modification:

Steps to Changing a Sample RSS Feed

1) The modification needs replacement with the seller’s online store name. Use the following URL. Paste it in the URL input box in a browser. When the page opens, use the “Find” tool in the browser. Replace all four appearances of the term (ASK-DANNA) with your eBay store name.
2) Next, use the “Find” tool in the browser to replace all instances in the code where “danna.” Notice my user identification “danna” in the sample code. You must replace it with your own eBay id. As shown below:
https://www.ebay.com/sch/YOUR ID GOES HERE/m.html?rt=nc&_rss=1&_rssstore=1&_stoname=YOUR STORE NAME GOES HERE
rss automation
Once you’ve done these simple code alterations, you can use Dlvr.it. It is a subscription website you can use for setting up your eBay RSS Feed. The site will do double work when advertising. How? By posting new eBay listings to social sites like:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIN
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Google+

If you want to post the listing to Facebook, you can do so via manual settings. It’s an excellent idea to limit how often you post to Facebook. The postings of content to Facebook are a topic for another time.
I use twitter the most with this service. I have a dedicated twitter account that this system feeds to. (Twitter.com/PowerSellingMom)

How it works.

Every time I list an item on eBay it will be promoted on twitter. And every time an item already listed is “auto-relisted” it will also be fed to twitter.  The program picks up the RSS feed and send it to twitter. It also displays the first photo used from eBay.

Once you’ve captured your RSS feed, simply follow these steps using the dlvr.it site.
Once you have your account set-up click on AUTOMATE.
ebay store automation


At the top right area click on ADD NEW FEED.
ebay store marketing
This is the box you would insert the RSS feed code you created. Mine would read:


Copy and past it into the search bar.
add rss find link from ebay store
The system should auto-populate and search. If not just click the button to the right.
Next you can click the VIEW if desired to test the link. But I must say in my experience sometimes that option does not work so do not stress if this happens.  As long as your store name is showing up it will be fine.  Next click the PLUS sign to the right as shown below.


add more to ebay rss feed
When you click the PLUS symbol you can see more options. Such as:

  • THE FEED NAME – for your eyes. I suggest calling it EBAY STORE.
  • FIRST POST – Post when a new item is published.
  • ECHO – this would allow a re-post if desired. Personally If I were to use this option I would only use it on twitter.  For me right now I am not using it.


After you complete those options near the bottom right corner you will see the button: NEXT: Connect Socials.
add social sites to ebay rss feed

And that is the final step!


eBay Seller Tip: Use Hashtags when Sharing Posts
When you share your posts, use your brand as a hashtag. It will allow you to follow your posts with greater ease. Some sample hashtags include #PSMom,#AskDanna, and #eBayDanna.
If you are at a loss coming up with hashtag ideas here is a site I use to get the hashtag ball rolling:
hastag ideasAll-Hastag.com provides a quick generation of suggestions.  It’s very user friendly. Just visit the site and enter in an item you are selling. For example, if I type in the word “Purse” look at all the hashtag suggestions:
hashtag generator

Final Words

Your life as an eBay seller is busy. You’re always updating your inventory or adding new auctions to your store online. You might be adding buy-it now options or adding listings that are “good” until you cancel the listing. At the end of the day, marketing our items can be the last thing on our minds. This simple automation system keeps our items gaining traffic. Building traffic to our store includes more than window shoppers. Visitors may “add you as a favorite seller” or purchase a different item. They could even place items on their “watch” list.
If you need some assistance, feel free to schedule a quick call with me via the eBay “Help Desk” or CONTACT ME.

Happy eBay Marketing!

NOTE: For those of you that may like to view further reading about “Marketing Automation” I recently had a workshop titled: 5 Top Tips on Marketing Automation. Feel free to view the transcripts ( https://powersellingmom.com/social-media-marketing/5-tips-marketing-automation-marketing-automated/ )
how to automate your marketing

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