WorthPoint: An eBay Sellers Resource for Collectibles, Antiques and Art Identification

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eBay Sellers Research Tool Worthpoint

No matter what items you might be selling, as the reseller of products it is your job to know exactly what you are putting up on the eBay auction block or up for a “buy it now” option.

Knowing that you have a genuine product helps instill confidence in the buyer and helps you establish a trustworthy reputation as a seller on eBay:

This means a bigger profit margin for you and far fewer returns due to customer dissatisfaction. WorthPoint.com is a resource founded in 2007 by Will Seippel that eBay sellers can use as an effort to identify the products or items they intend to resell.

In fact, it’s a tool that empowers the seller with the ability to provide accurate descriptions of what they are selling as well.

Imagine, for example, you have a collection of carnival glassware you want to resell. First, you need to figure out what the value of the items are: Doing so allows you to provide fair pricing and to receive equally fair compensation.

WorthPoint provides you with a “Value It” tool where you can find out what types of carnival glass you have, the estimated value of the items, and information on the dating of the glasswares’ production.

You’ll also have the ability to explore the styles of glass produced through different time periods as well as the pieces generating the highest and lowest values.

The Worthopedia™ tool is one where you, as an eBay reseller, get instant access to over 350 million product prices, all of which are derived from as many as 350 quality valuation sources.

To figure out the value of the glassware when using the Worthopedia™ Guide, you will see some input boxes where you provide some information about the items in question. You’ll need to enter a search term or keywords associated with the item you are valuing, and you’ll want to be as specific as possible.

For example, to discover if you have a carnival glass fruit bowl, you’ll have an easier time finding the product you are looking for if you specify the product’s features in your query.

Instead of using the term “carnival glass bowl,” you’ll get better results if you enter a term like “blue carnival glass fruit bowl.” After entering the search query, you choose “Price Guide” as your search type, and then choose the appropriate category associated with the glassware (for the purposes of this imagined scenario, you will choose the category of “glass.” )

Once you conduct the initial search you will see listings of products that have sold all over the world matching your query. Listings cover several years of sales (in fact, some results will go back as far as 15 years).

The Worthopedia™ Price guide allows you to filter the search by price so you can view the values from high to low or vice versa: An excellent option when you want to know the items that draw the highest value.

The “Best Match” filter narrows down the search to whatever descriptions closely fit your keyword search. Each listing presents you with full colored photos and a brief product description for ease of item comparison.

There are over 1.2 billion images you can use for product comparisons, and more items are uploaded and added to the Worthpoint database on a regular basis. As the other sources Worthpoint gets its valuation information from, like auction house databases, continue to make successful sales, more product information becomes available.

worthpoint search for blue carnival glass

The product search tools include the ability to narrow your search request by title only, image only, price range, and the location where the product was sold. Being able to define location is excellent, especially if you only sell in one part of the world and refrain from international selling options.

With the valuation tool, you can also search for product marks, autographs, symbols, or other key features that will help you, not only identify if you have a genuine piece, but it will allow you to provide a detailed seller description: This makes you appear knowledgeable about the products you are selling.

Knowing your product’s details also makes the buyer more interested in the product as you provide key information about the product’s authenticity, and, as mentioned earlier, the trust between you and the buyer is more easily established.

WorthPoint gives members access to a digital library containing books related to all of the products the site allows value searches for, and these books are made digitally accessible. You can study the history of the items you specialize in selling and you never have to leave home to explore the information related to the products you sell.

When available, even current classified listings related to the products of interest and educational articles are something an eBay seller like yourself can access as a WorthPoint member: Giving you the ability to get a good jump on the good deals that you find. The classifieds portion of the site is specifically for members only and allows for members to offer what they have to other members using WorthPoint research tools.

As an eBay reseller to pass up on the option to use WorthPoint as a tool to add to your reseller-prep arsenal can prove fatal to your success as a seller. According to WorthPoint.com, as every three seconds passes by, another person is conducting research on the value of items they either own or want to sell.

The simplicity of searches is definitely bound to make WorthPoint appealing, particularly to the person who is new to the practice of selling items on eBay.

This resource tool will help you enhance not only the item description your working on, but it will give you ideas on important keywords you may of missed to add to the listing.

With every successful sale, you’ll begin to understand the true power of knowing your product and developing that ever so vital trust bond with those you choose to buy from you: It is a delicate relationship indeed, one that requires you put forth the extra effort to research the items you are selling. WorthPoint makes it enjoyable.

I find it very rewarding to be able to identify the awesome treasures that I come across. Thanks to WorthPoint I can now get the job done faster!

Go ahead, take it out for a spin with a free trial.