30 Ways To Grow Your List

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 List building is an ongoing part of growing a business.

Many of these tips I will share are part of the building processes. These tips should be a daily part of doing business.

1. Go back to basics with a paper sign-up – it works! Paper sign-up forms are convenient for trade shows or at your checkout counter. Or, if you prefer, you can dedicate an iPad or smart tablet to allow people to “sign up” quickly. I use this at all my events. I am passing around my iPad and using a built-in app.  There are many options for apps including Constant Contact has an alternative which is free with your account.  Feel free to schedule a call with me if you need some assistance.

2. ask! Only having a sign-up form available won’t always be enough.
Train yourself and your employees to ask for contact info. Don’t forget, if you’re having a great conversation with a customer or supporter, keep the conversation going – ask them to join your email list as well.

3. Start with the people you know. Use your database of existing contacts and ask family and friends to join your mailing list. Contact me if you need assistance.
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4. Using a sidewalk sign or sandwich board to bring in foot traffic? Promote all the great info, discounts, and news they’ll get by signing up for your emails. Purchase a domain name that matches your brand or a style. Then point it to the location. I use the name: JoinMyNewsletter.com. I have it also included on my business cards.

5. Participate in Small Business Saturday! If there’s one day people are excited about finding new businesses, it’s Small Business Saturday. Ensure you’re asking people to join your list on this heavy-traffic day. And keep this in mind for any busy traffic days in your community.

6. Offer an incentive to your employees. Get your employees excited about growing your email list. Offer a prize to the employee who collects the most email addresses.
facebook signup tab

7. Promote a sign-up link on Social Media. Any social media site you use:
– Facebook
– Twitter
– Youtube
– LinkedIn
– Instagram
– Pinterest
– Snapchat
In your profile, in a post, join a group.

8. Install the app on your Facebook page. Collect email addresses from those who visit your Facebook page by adding a sign-up tab. tip: Constant Contact customers can use the free app to add a sign-up form right to their page and collect email addresses without doing any extra work. (Book a call and I will walk you through it.)

9. Use the Facebook call-to-action button. Facebook lets you add a button to the top of your business page. Use it to link directly to your online sign-up form.
sharing emails with social media
10. Share your emails on social media. Show your followers what they’re missing by sharing your latest email on social media. They can sign up when they view your email.

11. Buy a social media ad. Supercharge your social media list growth with social media ads. Get new subscribers by driving people to your sign-up form.

BONUS TIP: Free QR code generator.

Enhance your audience connection, elevate your profile sharing, optimize customer experiences, and boost engagement effortlessly by incorporating QR codes into your marketing materials. Elevate your online presence by directing individuals to your website, social media platforms, and other digital resources swiftly and seamlessly through the user-friendly Adobe Express QR code creator. Elevate your outreach strategies and connect with your audience on a new level.

12. Easily add a link to your sign-up form on your website and collect emails from people who visit your site. Give your sign-up form plenty of visibility by putting it on every page. tip: Constant Contact customers can customize a sign-up form within their account to add to their website. I’m happy to walk you through it if you need assistance. Contact me.
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13. Promote blogs. If someone enjoys what you say on your blog, there’s a good chance they’d want to see your updates in their inbox. tip: Constant Contact customers using WordPress can use our free WordPress integration to create a sign-up form that adds email addresses directly to a Constant Contact email list. Find out how.

14. Share past emails. Promote archived emails anywhere online. This gives fans an idea of what they’re missing and prompts them to join your mailing list.

15. Collect emails with an online survey.  Add a sign-up link to your next online survey. Let people share their feedback and join your email list.
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16. Your email signature. Get more out of your daily email communications by including a link to your list in your regular email signature.

17. There’s an app for that. On the go? Add the Constant Contact app to your smartphone to collect email addresses when you are out and about.

18. Use text to sign-up. More than half of all Americans now have smartphones. Use Constant Contact’s Text to sign-up feature to let  people sign up via text message. (Contact me for assistance)

19. Use a QR code. Add a QR code to a flyer, post, or brochure, making it easy for people to sign up right from their smartphone.

20. Use a brochure. Giving out flyers, brochures, or pamphlets at your store or office? Let people know your emails are the best source for up-to-date information and include the QR code.

21. Use menus and table tents. Do you use table tents at your location or at events? Add a QR code or text to sign-up so fans can join your email list.

22. Use an ipad. Wondering what to do with the new iPad? Install the app to collect email addresses in-store or at your next event.

23. Use your packaging. Should we ship orders to customers or use take-out boxes? Put a QR code on your packaging. Another tip is to use Stamps.com for your online shipping. Their program allows you to add your website to the address label. I add PowerSellingMom.com to every shipping label I print out when I use them.

24. During event registration. Stay in touch before, during, and after your event by collecting email addresses of people at registration.

25. Start a loyalty program. Reward your customers and grow your list! Collect email addresses when they sign up for the loyalty program.

26. Run a birthday club. Encourage people to sign up for your emails by offering birthday incentives.

27. Experiment with website pop-ups. Consider adding a pop-up to your website or blog that prompts visitors to sign up right there.

28. Use online payment forms. Collect email addresses in your online purchase flow. Be sure to indicate they’re opting in to receive future emails from you.

29. Book appointments. Are you giving clients the ability to schedule appointments online? Offer a convenient way for people to join your email list when signing up.

30. Offer an online coupon. Offer new subscribers a discount that can be redeemed in-store or online. Plus, add an extra bonus for those who share with their friends!
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Let me briefly explain what Constant Contact is for those in the room that may not be familiar.
Constant Contact is a do-it-yourself online marketing system. You can use it to create and manage campaigns.

The company is best known for its email marketing tools. It’s easy to create and send mass emails, like newsletters or announcements and updates. Using Constant Contact, you can run special promotions or offers, like a local deal.

You can build online surveys and create feedback forms for your website or anything. You can promote and manage your events using Constant Contact with registration tools, accepting payments, and sending out invitations – all in one place. And it is all built on top of an excellent contact database so that you can load all of your contacts, your customers, stakeholders, volunteers, staff, your board – whatever lists you are keeping in various spreadsheets or in your Outlook or Yahoo folders can be loaded and organized easily in Constant Contact so that your people and your marketing campaigns are all together in one spot.

Oh, and it costs most people between 20 – $75 a month to manage everything. NOTE: I have a special offer for those who attended my latest event. Sign up today for only $5.00 a month for the next three months. Use my link: EmailSpecialOffer.com and enjoy! 🙂 Do you already have an account? No worries. I will welcome you with open arms into the PowerSellingMom network. Just email me, and we can start on a call or a private webinar ASAP.

Enjoy the replay from the webinar 5/15/2017!