Drainwig Review (aka Drain Wig)

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When I was asked to conduct a Drainwig review (aka Drain Wig), I’d never even heard of the product.

Then, when I looked it up and found that Drainwig manufactures a “shower and bathtub hair catcher and trap”, I thought;

“This is not sexy!”

But the company sent me a free Drainwig aka (Drain Wig) and are allowing me to give one away, so I decided to give it a whirl.

The Drainwig arrived, I opened the packaging, and when I read about how it worked, I wished I had this when my twin girls were living at home!

All of a sudden, the ugly duckling product became the beautiful hair catching swan and was sexy!

If you’ve ever had anyone with long hair living in your home, you know how icky drains can get. My twins insisted on keeping long hair all through their childhood and our drains would fill with long hair a few times a year.

So, on paper, the Drainwig (aka Drainwig) seemed like a brilliant, yet simple, solution. The idea is that the Drainwig collects hair via a chain that dangles just below the drain. This chain has “whiskers” that catch and hold the hair, thus preventing clogged drains.

Now I was so stoked about the review I called my aunt! She said, “I’ve seen that on TV! They show the Drainwig being removed with several feet of hair attached to it!” 

Eww. Thanks auntie.

But, later in the conversation, she did bring up an excellent point which is that Drainwigs are not sold in stores.

Double the Drainwig Hair Catchers, double the fun!

The company sent me two types of Drainwigs to try and review.

One Drainwig is for the shower drain and the other is for the bathtub drain. 

The first one I opened was for the shower. Two Drainwigs come in one package which is perfect for our household with two showers. 

It was easy as pie to slide the chain down inside the grate cover’s little holes, allowing it to drop.

The chain has 6 little rubber flexible posts evenly proportioned out down along the chain and could be compared to rubber airplane propellers. The top plastic flower sits in place acting as an anchor.

Another advantage of receiving two in a package, when one fills up with hair then you can just toss it in the trash and use the other one as a fresh good as a new Drainwig.

Depending on how many people use the tub or shower – and how many have hair 😉 – they can last quite awhile before replacing. 

The packaging states 2 to 4 months as the typical amount of time to replace the drain hair catchers.

Now my husband’s Draingwig, on the other hand, may last several years since he has hardly any hair! (Sorry honey, I couldn’t resist!)

The Drainwig (aka Drainwig) is so easy to install! Plus, when I put the hair catchers in our shower and tub drains they started collecting hair immediately!

Bottom line, this is a very cool invention and you can buy them on eBay and learn more by visiting the website.   Or you could enter the drawing and try to win a free one :

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