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I’m not sure what my love affair is with product reviews but when I receive a new product to review, opening the product box is like opening a present on Christmas morning!

Today, I received the “Gadget Grab”, a hands-free phone and tablet stand.
The marketing team at Gadget Grab asked me to share my my honest option and, you know me, I sure will! 😉
I do get to keep the Gadget Grab they sent me (free of charge) and the team was also gracious enough to allow me to give one of these nifty little stands away!  
Gadget Grab will send a brand new “universal device stand” to one lucky winner using the service posted below
I encourage you to enter to win or if you don’t want to wait you can purchase these on eBay or directly on the website.

Gadget Grab Review BIG REVEAL!

I was excited to receive this because I actually have been struggling for something to put on the dashboard of my car to hold my iPhone.
I’ve been through several different products with an end result of them not working.
Before receiving the Gadget Grab I used a magnetic holder. This type of holder required that I insert a magnet onto the backside of my iPhone (which I have hidden under a case) so it cannot be seen.
That magnet holder had been working-ish, until I put my phone on the charger and the cord pulls it away from the magnet.
Then, whammo, car floor city!

The Gadget Grab is strong enough to keep it in place while on the charger. The only downside is I have to remove my phone case which I do not like doing. I have a rubber phone case that will not stick to the Gadget Grab
My husband, however, has a metal phone case and it sticks to it perfectly!
One functionality I do wish Gadget Grab had was the ability to turn it to an angle, especially when I am driving.
I like to use Periscope or record while speaking and looking into my phone. I wish it had ability to face me directly or face someone in the passenger’s seat easily. Gadget Grab sits stationary which is perfect for using a navigation app but not so convenient for recording.
I can also easily remove it from the car and it sits nicely on my computer laptop base to hold the phone but again I have to remove my rubber phone case to keep it in place. A very nice feature it has is it can be adjusted to hold the phone in either a vertical or horizontal position.
The box reads:

Gadget Grab, Universal Tablet Stand.
Perfect for all your hands-free needs.
Instantly grips your devices.

And, yes, it does grip the device very nice with a user friendly type of green gel behind a clear silicone feeling style.
It is kinda magic!
The box also reads:

Unique Polymer Surface acts like a million suction cups that instantly grip and release over and over again.
Flip it, Stick it and stand it. 
If it gets dirty just rinse with water and it performs like new!

The boxed item is actually selling a tablet stand and the phone stand which is a bonus! I do own an iPad and it also has a vinyl cover so the cover will not stick to the Gadget Grab but when I remove the cover and put the smooth surface against the unique polymer surface it works perfectly!

This is the perfect set-up to watch a movie as well with the ease of pushing it onto the holder, pulling it off and changing positions works like a charm.  
So simple and yet so powerful! If you’ve been looking for a hands-free phone and tablet stand, Gadget Grab is a great choice! And, with the holiday’s coming, Gadget Grab would make an awesome gift!
You can pick one up on eBay and visit their website to learn more.  Be sure to enter the give-a-way. You may win one for free!

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