eBay’s 2019 Fall Seller Update

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What you need to know!

eBay took a kinder, gentler approach with this year’s Fall Seller Update, announcing its upcoming release a week in advance. And it’s chock-full of good news! Let’s take it from the top.

Marketplace Updates

ebay marketplace updates

PayPal, PayPal Credit, and GooglePay have been added to Managed Payments. To decide if it’s time for you to opt in, learn more at ebay.com/payments. There’s even a handy payments processing fee comparison calculator. Remember, you can’t opt back out!

Next is something for which sellers have long been clamoring: Multi-User Account Access (MUAA).

This lets you give designated persons access to specific parts of your seller account, without sharing your password. Currently they can “Create and edit drafts” and/or “Publish and revise listings”; additional permissions are in the works. For details, read through the MUAA FAQs.

Last but not least: Give full or partial refunds right from Seller Hub; sold items now get unique order numbers upon receipt of payment.

Growth Tools

ebay seller updates for the fall

Great news:

  • “Send Offer to Buyers” has been expanded to include buyers with your item in their cart, plus buyers can counteroffer!
  • Terapeak has been added to Seller Hub under the new Research tab.
  • Promoted Listings (PL) can now be managed via eBay’s mobile app.

What may be not so great is that when Promoted listings appear in search results as “Sponsored”, those listings will no longer be shown organically, i.e., for free.

No word on the ratio between Sponsored versus free search placements, so keep a keen eye on your PL dashboard and fees.

Inventory Optimization

ebay seller updates 2019

To create a more intuitive shopping experience and help international buyers find your items, eBay has made changes to categories and item specifics.

Filling out the latter has been made easier; eBay now tells you right on the Sell Your Item (SYI) form which item specifics matter most to buyers. Some are now required.

Item specifics are crucial to getting listing seen in eBay and Google search and Google Shopping. In fact, without them, your listing may not even show up.

Chances are you have items in the impacted categories, so review your listings ASAP and bulk edit as needed.

Seller Protections & Policy Updates

ebay updates fall 2019

This section of the 2019 Fall Seller Update includes several carrots and one stick. For starters, Top Rated Sellers get additional protections. If you’re not already Top Rated, this should motivate you to achieve that status!

eBay is also going to be kinder and gentler about policy violations. Starting October 1, 2019, instead of ending your listings and suspending your account, they’ll temporarily “Hide All Listings” in search results until you correct the violation.

Watchers can still purchase from you, and your items won’t lose their sales history.

Now for the stick: If you have not yet updated your Returns policy to 1 of the 5 streamlined options, better do so in the near future — because as of February 2020, eBay will do it for you.

What You Need to Do

Roll with the changes in eBay’s 2019 Fall Seller Update — they’re mostly for the better —and figure out how to make them work for your business.