How to Create an eBay Store Logo

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The eCommerce industry is booming. There is no question about it. Since eBay is one of the biggest online stores today, you have a good reason to create an account on the platform and expand your business.

Every eBay store should have a logo.

That said, you can’t get a whole lot of orders on the platform unless you work towards standing out which is only possible with good branding.

easy to create ebay store logo

Since a an ebay store logo is one of the most important parts of a brand, we will discuss how you can create one for yours in this blog.

Getting Started with Basic Tools

There is no dearth of professional graphic design software and tools on the Internet that you can use to create spectacular designs. However, there are two problems- they are expensive, and they aren’t that easy to use.

So, what you can do is try your luck with the basic tools that you may already have in your computer. These include the Microsoft Paint program that offers a ton of options for creating logos. It’s easy to use, and doesn’t cost a thing!

Advanced Tools

If you are unhappy with the basic tools, then you can also turn to advanced tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

eBay store logo designs should match your brand.

These are used by professionals for creating premium designs. However, this means that you should be willing to put in the time and effort to learn how to use them.

free ebay store logo

There are some advanced tools that are easy to use which you can try too. For instance, there are logo maker programs that use artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to create some of the most beautiful designs in a matter of minutes!

Taking Help from Professionals

If you don’t want to create an eBay store logo yourself, then you can take help from professional logo designers in the world. There are affordable options for this category too.

For starters, you can host graphic design contests in which professionals can share their best designs with you based on the design brief that you have provided.

These contests are frequently hosted on platforms like 99designs and DesignCrowd. You just need to select the winning amount and the number of entries you would like to see. It’s usually a lot cheaper than working with a dedicated logo professional.

ebay store logo design

Design contests can provide incredible results but they can be expensive. So, if you want an even cheaper solution, then you can find a freelance graphic designer on the Internet on platforms like and

Things to Keep in Mind

The following are some of the things you need to keep in mind when you need to design the perfect logo:

  • Don’t over-complicate the design. Always remember- the simpler is the design, the more effective it is.
  • Pick the colors and typography carefully. This is because different colors and fonts speak different languages and affect us emotionally in different ways. So, what you need to do is learn how to use the psychology of colors and fonts when branding and marketing.
  • Keep your target demographic in mind. So, if you are selling merchandise that appeals to women, then you can use colors like pink or purple. Similarly, if you want to sell to IT professionals, then you can use colors like blue and black that are also the colors most commonly used by IT companies in the world today. You need to remember this rule for other areas too including social media marketing for eBay.


Creating an attractive logo doesn’t have to a painstaking process. There are various ways you can make the task easier and simpler, some of which are explained above. However, you need to keep the fundamentals in mind no matter which option you pick. Happy designing, and good luck!


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