Selling 1960’s Pop Festival paper memorabilia on eBay

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1967 Monterey California Pop Festival

Monterey International Pop Festival was held on June 16, 17th and 18th, 1967 at the Monterey county fairgrounds in Monterey California.

(It’s funny how spell check want’s to change the city of Monterey to Monterrey)

Anyhow, I had a client from Canada send me a few items that her late mother had collected over the years. One of them, well actually two of them being an original ticket order form for this concert.

I found a few sold on WorthPoint. In 2009 the same one sold on eBay for $256.00 and in 2017 it sold for $250.00. This type of research on WorthPoint tells me that it holds it’s value pretty well. This is a good sign!

After doing a current listing search on eBay, I discover there are absolutely ZERO of these listed. This is another good sign for me. WHY? Because I can list it higher than the trending price.

ticket order form

This is a classic tri-fold brochure. Opens up to measure a 12″ x 9″ display. Each section of the three holds concert information.

The 1st section reads:


Friday Night / June 16 / 9:00 PM

  • The Association
  • Buffalo Springfield
  • Grateful Dead
  • Jimi Hendrix Experience
  • Laura Nyro
  • Lou Rawls
  • Simon and Garfunkel


  • Big Brother & The Holding Company
  • The Mile Bloomfield Thing
  • Paul Butterflied Blues Band
  • Canned Heart
  • Country Joe & The Fish
  • Hugh Masekela
  • Steve Miller Blues Band
  • Quicksilver Messenger Service
  • and many surprises.

SATURDAY NIGHT / June 17 / 8:15 PM

  • The Beach Boys
  • Booker T & the MG’s
  • The Byrds
  • Jefferson Airplane
  • Hugh Masekela
  • Moby Grape
  • Otis Redding

SUNDAY AFTERNOON / June 18 / 1:30 PM

  • Ravi Shankar

SUNDAY NIGHT / June 18 / 7:15 PM

  • The Blues Project
  • The Impressions
  • The Mamas and the Papas
  • Johnny Rivers
  • Dionne Warwick
  • The Who
  • (program subject to change without notice)

All of these lovely artists are KEYWORDS for your listing. This is a great example of WHY it’s important to include ALL of the information from items like this. Or at least as many of the words as possible.

I know, if you’ve attended any of my workshops, I stress the point to keep listings “short and sweet.” HOWEVER the exception to the rule is listing items like this.

WHY? Because collectors keep a watch for listings going up on eBay with the names of their favorite artists. So, if you take the time to type out all the names, it will increase the odds for a sale.

Increasing the Odds for a Sale

titles on ebay are so important

Every word is a piece of bait on the hook being thrown out into to the eBay sea as shown in the above graphic. That is actually a slide from my eBay workshop.

We cannot put ALL those names into the title.

But, you could research every band/singers name, one-by-one and see which name sells for the highest dollar and include those names in the title!

Hard-core collectors also search descriptions. They sign up for notices from eBay to receive an alert when someone lists an item using the “word” of the items they collect. It could be a brand, an artist or simply the name of item.

Sellers also take advantage of searches like this to keep track of listings going up that could be competitive to their items. HOW? Learn more on eBay at “Saved Searches.” Set-up your own keywords and receive alerts direct from eBay.

The center page of the brochure reads:

A few words for those planning to attend

Be happy, be free; wear flowers, bring bells, have a festival!

  1. HOUSING – No problem. For ten years, whatever the festival, substantial housing has easily been provided for every guest.
    1. More than 3000 hotel and motel units are available in the Monterey-Carmel-Pacific Grove-Seaside area. In addition, there are several hundred accommodations within fifteen miles of the festival grounds.
    2. For accommodation reservations and information, write now to: Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, Box 489, Monterey, California: (408) 357-2252.
  2. CLOTHES – Be your own boss. Came as you please, wear what you like. Dress as wild as you choose. But remember that it’s sometimes cool in the evenings. Maybe you should bring a blanket and sunglasses.
  3. SEATING – A matchless hi-fi sound system means that everyone in the new 7000 seat main arena can hear equally well. The sound also carries well beyond the arena into the strolling area.
  4. TRANSPORTATION – The Monterey county fairgrounds are only a mile from downtown Monterey – a ride of less than a quarter-hour; as little as five minutes when traffic is light. The fairgrounds are also situated five minutes from airline, bus and train depots.
  1. EVERYONE’S FESTIVAL – Bring the family. This is a Festival for all. Everyone. Children of all ages and adults of all attitudes – everyone is welcome at the Monterey International Pop Festival.
  2. EXTRAS – There are 24 acres of cheerful lawns studded with hundreds of oak trees and family picnicking is encouraged. A tremendous variety of food and drink will be available at very reasonably prices.

In addition to the five main concerts, there will be a number of exhibits, booths, workshops to appeal to every member of the family – including a children’s playground.

Part Three

The 3rd part of this fold-out shows the stage and ticket prices.

monterey pop festival prices

It all folds up into an area for people to complete the ticket information and order form. With check-marks to which performances they wish to attend.

Based on this information, it seems you HAD to use this form to order tickets because no tickets were sold at the door of this event.

“All seats at the performances are reserved” no grounds admissions will be sold.”

That statement can be a great selling point for this item. People had to “special order” tickets in advance in order to attend. I will definitely include that information into my description as well.

How to price it?

Based on all the research I did reviewing eBay and WorthPoint, I’ve decided to list mine high and include “make-on-offer” option using fixed price.

As of today, there are not any current listings. Mine will be the only one. AND the awesome thing with this, I have two of them.

Normally I would list only one at a time but with these circumstances, I am going to put them on together AND include a “badge” that was actually found inside one of the brochures.

It reads:

ARTIST – Admission to anywhere on grounds plus special artist seating area in arena 23. JANIS JOPLIN BIG BROTHER & HOLDING CO.

It looks like its’s made out of simple orange construction paper inside a plastic badge holder with the pin-back removed. Measuring 3″ x 2″

artist janis joplin badge

The most comparable item that sold recently on eBay was a program from this festival. Sold $331.88 as an auction with an opening bid of $324.99.

Personally I would not suggest running an auction on this type of item. Based on my research. The risk is too high for selling the item too low.

Reviewing current listings on that same brochure, there is a seller “dreaming” to sell for $3,000.00 which I feel is a bit over the edge high. Especially when there are several other sellers with the same item. The current lowest asking price is $849.00.

We must keep in mind, this is NOT the same item that I have ready to list but it is the most “comparable” item we have to go on.

Learning from other sellers has helped me with my decision on how to list this item. $331.88 for one comparable program via auction, leads me to believe the price is about fair market value for mine.<script>“></p>

<script async=

I can double the asking price since I have two of these. Plus they are crazy rare Janis Joplin badge will increase the odds of a higher sale.

Janis Joplin Backstage Passes

Recently on eBay a backstage pass for a festival that Janis Joplin sang at sold for $499. according to WorthPoint’s data. It was the 1969 Texas Pop Festival that also included Led Zepplin.

Notice how the seller includes those two names in the title:

backstage pass pop festival

Could it be that my “Artist” badge was actually worn by Janis Joplin as a singer? Only the true original owner could tell us and unfortunately, she is not with us anymore. We will never know.

My guess is, that it was! It’s amazing to hold something so simple in your hands and imagine for a few moments, what Janis may have been experiencing.

This Monterey Pop Festival was her first appearance at a major event. It was her debut to the world. It was the bouncing board that launched her career into fame.

With all that said, this little badge on it’s own could hold a value double a “backstage pass.”

My final decision is to list all of these items together on eBay at the price of $1800.00 and include “make-an-offer.” We will see if we gain much interest or receive any offers.

june 16 17 18 monterey CA

Let the games begin! eBay Item ID: 401628585480

UPDATE –  A best offer was accepted on this listing for $1,200.00. However, the winner had an issue with his CCard payment.  He came back saying he was actually only interested in the badge and if I would relist it for $800.00 he would buy it. Of course I agreed.

I relisted the badge (eBay item # 401630316048 ) for $800.00 and he purchased it. Paid, shipped over, done with, gone!

Next I listed only one of the brochures.(ebay item # 392168116215 ) I decided to start with the one that has fold lines and is more worn than the other.

We will see how that sale goes. Asking price $800.00 with make-an-offer.  Based on how this one sells, I will know then how to list the one that is in mint condition.

What did they sell for?

I ended up running auctions. I personally do not like to sit on items too long. Also I had a lot of interest with very low offers so I decided to run auctions.

  1. Sold $224.50
  2. Sold $124.49

WorthPoint Holds the Data

All listings can be found on WorthPoint. You can view each listing and search for others at: WorthPoint is my #1 tool for researching all types of memorabilia, collectibles, antiques and art.

Research Is King!

Research is the KEY to success!

I love researching, listing and selling items like this on eBay. If you have an item that you need listed. Feel free to contact me and I will be happy to do the work to get your item sold.

Learn more about my consignment business via my webpage at:

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