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be happy be free wear flowers bring bells have a fetival

Selling 1960’s Pop Festival paper memorabilia on eBay

1967 Monterey California Pop Festival Monterey International Pop Festival was held on June 16, 17th and 18th, 1967 at the Monterey county fairgrounds in Monterey...

eBay Selling Workshop Transcripts w/Video Replay

Hello, and welcome to eBay Selling. This is the workshop that’s sponsored by the United States Postal Service and by WorthPoint. EBAY SELLING I’d like to...
selling on ebay

Tips for Selling A Questar Telescope on eBay

If you are an eBay seller and you want to put a Questar Telescope up for auction or a buy now option, there’s a...

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welcome to informed delivery usps

USPS Informed Delivery® for eBay Buyers, Sellers and Consumers

What is Informed Delivery? Residential consumers including eBay sellers can now use USPS’s Informed Delivery® Services. Those individuals who want to make use of the...

Sold 16 items on ebay shipping show transcripts

I sold it on eBay for a nice profit - The Shipping Show Hi, everybody, Danna Crawford here, aka PowerSellingMom.com. Welcome to The Shipping Show....
shipping ebay items using roadie

Road Trip Shipping Using the Roadie App

"On the road again" is the classic Willie Nelson song that comes to mind every time I use the awesome app called "Roadie!" I...

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My darling husband gave me the biggest surprise ever with tickets to a special screening of the movie "The Forger" starring John Travolta! Those that know me know how I've dreamed of meeting John Travolta so that I could speak...