What to Sell on eBay – The Complete Guide

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Table of Contents

What to Sell on eBay:

During any given year, I am an eBay selling coach & training consultant to hundreds of individuals and dozens of companies.
The #1 question I’m asked is, “What to sell on eBay?”
While this might be how they phrase the question, what they’re really asking is “how do I make the most money and in the shortest amount of time?

Many times people want to become an eBay seller but feel they don’t have anything to sell.
Often times folks feel overwhelmed. They don’t know where to find “stuff” to sell on eBay or how to make money once they do.
Well, I know everyone has something to sell on eBay!
Also, I truly believe anyone can make a full time living on eBay (just like I do!), so I’ve put together this super in-depth guide for new eBay sellers as well as those who have more experience but want to expand their money making efforts.
Let’s dig right in…

What to Sell on eBay:
Stuff You No Longer Want or Need

What To Sell on eBay Unwanted Household Items 700x500
Before you quit your day job and jump right in there as an eBay seller, first try selling a few things on eBay so you can determine if you even like the process.
At my workshops, I always ask “Who does not have anything to sell on eBay?” When hands go up, I ask students if I can please come and look around their house.
They always get the strangest look on their face! LOL

Then I explain that if I can come to their house, I promise I can find STUFF for them to sell on eBay!
After being an eBay seller for so many years, I am a little embarrassed to share one of my “bad habits”.
Are you ready?
When I visit someone, I “notice” the “stuff” in their home. Meaning, let’s say we’re at dinner, I’m likely to turn over a dinner plate or crystal glass that catches my eye.
I look to see who the maker is and if it might have value on eBay!
I can’t help it!
My mind is always eager to learn about stuff to sell on eBay! LOL
But, if you want to learn what to sell on eBay, this curiosity is what it’s all about.
That said, stuff you no longer want or need can become money making “products” just by selling them on eBay!
This is a great way to get your feet wet and clear up the clutter in your home all at the same time!
Before you think, “Duh. This is not a special selling tip.” – oh, yes it is.
Most folks don’t have any idea how much their “stuff” can actually be worth on eBay! They think, “It’s just my ‘stuff’.”
But that crazy clock Aunt Sally got you as a wedding present may be the hottest vintage thing going and you might be able to make a few hundred dollars by selling it on eBay!

Grab a couple boxes and begin ‘treasure hunting’ through your home.
Start in the kitchen.
Go through the silverware drawer and view the cutlery. Take a look at the “junk drawer” – every kitchen has one.
There are likely some items lurking in there that you no longer want or need.
Look at the artwork on the wall, dig into the toy box, and go through everyone’s clothes.
Vintage, old, and antique toys are BIG eBay money makers as are clothes and shoes.
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What to Sell on eBay:
Your Collectibles Can Turn into Cash

What Sell on eBay Collectibles 700x500
Once you’ve sold a few things from around your home and have determined you like the process, try stepping things up to the next level.
When I first started on eBay I was already a Star Wars collector. I had shelves all over the house with original, vintage Star Wars items.

Then when my kids got into Ty Beanie Babies, we all became collectors with a mission! Our goal was to get all of the Beanies as soon as they were released.
I soon realized that If i could get more of a certain kind, why not sell the extras?! My thinking was that selling the extra Beanie Babies would would help pay for our collection “habit”.
After all, I had three kids so I had to make sure I bought three of each Beanie Baby so there were no hurt feelings. I usually bought at least six so that I could sell the other three or use them to trade. I used to do this at Toy Shows in the Chicago area and, then, someone told me about eBay!
Once I discovered how much money can be made by selling collectible on eBay, I made eBay my full time living.

Selling collectibles on eBay is still an extremely profitable business model, even today.
Not so much for Beanie Babies but for all of those other collectibles out there. If you already have a passion for a particular category of collectibles (or have several different “collections”), why not specialize in these types of items?
Here’s why selling the collectibles you’re interested in is a GREAT way to make money on eBay:

1. Your passion for the collectibles means you likely have great knowledge of their history and stories.
You can use this knowledge in your product descriptions! By doing so, you can begin to create a following of others who love the collectibles just as much as you do.
You become known as an “expert” in that niche (teapots, baby dolls, Gund Bears, GI Joe, Hot Wheels, Precious Moments, etc.).
This means automatic repeat business. Other collectors will come back to YOU to find their next “must have”! And they will share your information with others who love the same collectibles. This is FREE MARKETING!
2. Before you can have “stuff” to sell on eBay, you must first purchase said “stuff”. By buying and selling collectibles that you know about, you learn the ropes of “buying low and selling high”.
3. As I go into later in this tutorial, eBay marketplace & Terapeak research is the difference between an eBay seller who is a hobbyist vs career seller. Learning how to research items and make strong selling choices is so much easier when you are already familiar with the “space” (your niche/particular type of collectibles).
Finally, there are plenty of folks who are successful eBay sellers and who have ginormous eBay stores. But, not all of them love what they do. They might love the money that’s coming in, but every day is a grind because they don’t have a personal interest in their products.
I’m all about making a profit on eBay, but I want to sell things I’m interested in so that my “job” never become drudgery and “work”.
Selling collectibles you love can help you be happy while you earn!
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What to Sell on eBay:
The Treasure Hunting Technique

If you are not a collector of any brands or items, no worries! There’s still tons of stuff out there for you to sell on eBay!
Everyone has a different interest at heart. I’ve seen it over and over with those that come to my workshops.
After people get started with the basics of selling on eBay, they usually find their way to an interest.
I have a friend who’s developed an eye for fine linens. We can walk into a thrift store and she can spot a fine linen a mile away!
Me? I could never have an eye for something like that. But she does and she makes GREAT money selling used and vintage fine linens on eBay!
Another example is my handsome husband. Jimmy can spot a hot selling electronic item in a heartbeat!
I’m what I call a “Treasure Hunt Seller” and there are many eBay top rated and power sellers who are, also.
We are the folks who like to sell anything that will make money.
The reason we aren’t too fussy about the items we sell is because our passion is THE HUNT! LOL
We find items at: yard sales, estate sales, garage sales, thrift stores and even big box stores. You can always find me in a big box store rummaging through the clearance racks. Most all stores have them and that is the first place I head to.
If you love the “thrill of of the hunt” and you love learning about all kinds of items and products, then you may want to become a “Treasure Hunter Seller”.
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What to Sell on eBay:
Niche Selling

What To Sell On eBay Niche Selling & Marketing 700x500
Niche selling, as it’s called, is selling a subset of items or products within a larger category.
Some examples are:

  • Purses (Large Category) vs Prada or Louis Vitton (Niches)
  • Automotive Parts (Large Category) vs Batteries or Spark Plugs (Niches)
  • Clothes (Large Category) vs Baby Clothing or Vintage Clothes (Niches)

Instead of trying to be all things to all people, often times an eBay seller can make more money if they focus on a certain subset of products within a larger market.
Much like selling collectibles (selling collectibles can be considered “niche selling”), choosing a niche market gives you the opportunity to become the “go-to” person regarding those products or items.
Over time, you become a trusted resource and I cannot overstate how valuable that is in terms of marketing! When you are an “expert” in a particular niche, word-of-mouth recommendations seem to spread like wildfire. That brand loyalty you just can’t buy!
To be a successful niche seller on eBay takes a combination of passion for the products, brainstorming and research.
Which leads me to the final section of this eBay tutorial…
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What to Sell on eBay:

Brainstorming What to Sell on eBay 500x700
If you don’t want to go the Treasure Hunter route and you don’t have any “collections” to start selling, then what is your passion?
Over the years, I’ve seen more success stories when folks sell items they are interested in. Because, if it’s not fun they why bother?
Keeping this in mind, what kind of goods hold personal value for you?
Some top selling eBay categories are:

  • Automotive (Parts & Accessories)
  • Electronics
  • Kitchenware
  • Pets (Cat Towers, Dog Sweaters, Collars, etc.)
  • Perfume
  • Sporting Goods

Once you can identify what you want to sell on eBay then it’s time to seek out the supplier, the source, and your go-to “hot-spots” to get the goods.
Yes, they are out there!
You may have to spend time researching the wholesaler but it absolutely can be done.
Below are some creative ways that folks I know find the items they sell on eBay:

  • One gal loves to cook so she opened up an eBay store focused on cooking tools and accessories. She actually finds her cookware on the clearance rack at most big box stores and still makes a nice profit.
  • Another fella sells auto parts. His passion is cars and working on cars so he soon learned he could not only support his hobby but he connected with a local auto-parts store and he lists items from their store catalog directly into eBay. He raises the prices and still makes a profit.
  • People with children have a gold mine of toys that the kids don’t play with anymore. When they get gifts, make sure to save the boxes for all those toys because soon they will not want them and you can sell them for more on eBay when you have the box.
  • Clothing is a HUGE profit center on eBay! When my son was in his young teens he loved a certain brand of skateboard jeans. I actually would buy his jeans on eBay and take super good care of them to only resell them on eBay. Kids clothes, they outgrow them so fast. Many times you can bulk them in box lots and sell off the same size. This works especially well if many are not “name brand” or designer labels.

Now, brainstorming includes using your own brain but it also includes using other’s brains as well!
Sometimes we can’t “see the forest for the trees”. Ask friends and family for their opinions!
When we brainstorm, we are likely to stick to the obvious and familiar – even though brainstorming is about letting our minds fly free!
Friends and family will be able to give you ideas you never thought of. Their perspective can be incredibly valuable so don’t be shy. Bug as many folks as you can! 😉
One more thing on brainstorming – keep a list. And keep that list with you at all times. You never know when inspiration will strike and you don’t want to miss out on your next great venture because you can’t remember important details!
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What to Sell on eBay:
Research is the Secret Sauce for Success

Terapeak Research What to Sell on eBay 700x500
While I advocate for selling items from “categories” you have a passion for, if you are serious about making money on eBay then you must find out if what you want to sell turns a profit on eBay.
To conduct this research Terapeak is the smart eBay seller’s secret sauce.
When it comes to eBay research the absolute best selling & listing tool is Terapeak.
With Terapeak you can quickly and easily discover the exact information you need to make informed decisions regarding what to sell on eBay.
Below you’ll find some highlights on using Terapeak to research what to sell on eBay. As you read through this part of the tutorial, please keep in mind I’m showing you trends and data from Jan 2016. If I pulled this data in July or December, the data would be different because of “selling seasons”.
To get started, sign up for the Terapeak 7 DAY FREE TRIAL!
Not only is Terapeak easy to learn and use but it’s extremely easy on the pocketbook.
Remember, you get a 7 DAY FREE TRIAL!. When you sign up, you will choose between 2 Terapeak paid plans- Personal and Professional.
I prefer the Professional plan as it has much more data available which, of course, helps me increase my eBay profits!
Terapeak Professional Plan 375x180
Terapeak Personal Plan 375x180
Once inside Terapeak, (remember this is an overview), you’ll want to begin exploring the “Hot Research” data.
What to Sell on eBay Terapeak Best Selling Items Research 700x500
By clicking through the “Hot Research” button, you will learn about the categories on eBay that are Hot, Very Hot, and Super Hot!
Next you’ll view Category selling data (see image below). This chart gives you an idea of the recent sales from high sales to low sales in each category.
What to Sell on eBay Terapeak Sales Trends Research 700x500
This image above is the January 2016 report and shows some Super Hot areas under Health and Beauty.
Top and selling items on eBay for this January include:

  • Nail Polish
  • Energy Shakes & Drinks
  • Vitamins & Minerals

Why? Because health and weight management is high on everyone’s list whenever a new year kicks in!
Also, take a look at the Antiques category. You’ll see that Silver is high in sales and Rugs are lowest.
Each category will allow us to CLICK on the dots and get even more details. In the image below, you’ll see that Sterling Silver is the hottest selling type of Silver and Silverplate is 2nd.
What to Sell on eBay Silver Trending Example 700x500
Clicking through on the Sterling, you can view the products and see the breakdown of high to low totals (see image below).
Flatware is 1st, platters and trays are 2nd, tea/coffee pots are 3rd. Now we are getting somewhere! Lets look at the number one spot, flatware (insert photo) This is the type of breakdown that will help you decide if you can make money on eBay by selling these types of silver products.
Terapeak Silver Research 700x500
Finally, to drill down further into the data, you can learn what silver flatware sets and pieces command the highest sell-through-rates as well as prices.
Silver Flatware Terapeak Research Trending Best Sellers 700x500
Every category, item, product, and niche selling on eBay can be researched using this system!
Before deciding what to sell on eBay, below are a couple of the questions you should ask yourself:

  • Are my items seasonal?
  • Will they be in demand year round?
  • Do I want to be a seasonal seller or a full time seller?
  • Am I ready to work from home?
  • Am I ready to make money online?
  • Am I ready to set my own schedule?

Need some expert help? Keep reading…

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