9 Product Description Writing Secrets

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As a business owner, you are entirely convinced that your products are the best. However, your customers need a little bit more persuasion. What is the most common mistake that people make when they are creating a product description? They tend to write product description that merely describes their products.

It is a mistake that even experienced copywriters make. It is a mistake that costs companies, potential customers. Your products are your game changes. They make your fans more enthusiastic about what you are selling.

If for some reason you are not getting as many sales as you expected, you need to check your product descriptions. How are they written? With captivating descriptions, you will give your customers that extra push towards making a purchase. Here is a list of 9 of the secrets that will make your product descriptions stand out and ensure you grow your business faster

1. Understand your potential market

The words that can appeal to people between 40-60 years old may not always appeal to millennials. Your shoppers do not always think the same (even if they belong to the same age group). It is your job as a writer to get into the head of your target audience and figure out what they want to hear. You must understand:

  • How old they are
  • Which industries the work in
  • What activities they engage in at their free time
  • They favorite movies and songs

With these details, you will find commonalities and see which problems your products could be solving for them. It allows you to know them better and find words that will get them buying from your company.

2. What is in it for them?

problem solving

How will a customer benefit from your product? If you list the specifications and features of the products, they will get excited about them. However, remember that they may not be as interested in the mundane features and specs as you are. They need to know what problems in their lives will get solved with the product.

Therefore make sure that you highlight the key features. For instance, if you are selling a hand gel, do not just say that it will keep their hands clean and soft- they already know that. Let them know that there are certain ingredients that will help keep them healthier and happier.

3. Use words that motivate and excite

writing product descriptions

Ensure that you do not stick to marketing language. Use words that excite and motivate buyers. Let them feel that the description is speaking to them as individuals and not a whole group of buyers. Make an impression on those comparing products online.

Find words that appeal to your audience. For instance instead of saying ‘unique bracelets’ use ‘statement bracelets.’ Instead of being boring, a goofy and lighthearted approach that matches the products you are selling.

4. Do away with buyers’ guilt

guilt free shopping

Most buyers experience guilt, especially when buying products online. Even before they make the purchase, they are feeling guilty for spending money especially if the product is meant for themselves. Your copy should, therefore, reassure them. A great way to eliminate buyer’s guilt is:

  • Tell them that it is a bargain
  • Make it a one-time offer
  • Complement them on finding this amazing deal
  • Make the items sound exclusive
  • They are essential items for survival
  • Let them know how they will be saving money in the long-run
  • Avoid, at all costs, words like expensive, splurge, treat, etc.

5. Make it scannable

easy to read easy to scan

For shoppers who love comparing products online, they are probably looking at numerous products at the same time. They need descriptions that are easily scannable.

No one wants to spend 5 minutes reading a description, so they understand how the product will be helpful to them. So put the information in such a way that it is scannable and easy to understand. Do this by highlighting the parts that are essential and most convincing.

6. Appeal to your audience’s imagination


It is essential for you to capture the imagination of your customers because you do not have the luxury of touch and feel. Paint a clear picture of theareas where your products come in handy.

If you are selling an inflatable pool, paint the picture of a hot summer where a person needs to relax and be comfortable right in their own backyards. Tell a mini-story.

7. Fewer adjectives, more verbs

adjectives and verbs

Just because you are describing items does not mean you need to use adjectives. Researchers have found that for readers, verbs are always more attractive than adjectives for description writing. Verbs make them shorter, concise, more precise and pack a punch. Basically, they make your company sound more appealing.

8. Improve SEO

SEO improvements

Make sure that your customers can find you online. If you have a great description, but your customers cannot find you, they will never buy from you. You can choose online writing services to help you with writing engaging product descriptions. Find a smart way to insert keywords in your content for higher ranking with search engines. Make yourself more visible.

9. Use social proof

proof read

This means that you need to get referrals and suggestions. Make it easier for your customers to share your descriptions and products with others especially on social media. Yelp is a pretty favorite place to get those referrals. You can also include product reviews on your site to persuade customers more quickly.


To get your products selling, avoid industry jargon, ensure that your headlines have keywords, include images and never duplicate the descriptions. If you keep these tips at heart, you will attract more customers that you can imagine.

Author: Harry Southworth

Harry is one of the best writers in the industry. If you need to advertise your product, contact him. He will help you get the best sales from your items.

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