Consignment Items for Janis

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This post is a special spot dedicated to items I will be listing for my friend Janis. It was such a pleasure for me to tour her lovely home which is loaded with amazing items from all over the world!

We’re starting with a few lesser priced items and will work our way up to the high-end collectibles.
I already love working with Janis! She lives several hours from Ocala so we plan to either meet half-way or she’ll grab a friend from Amelia Island and they’ll take a fun road trip to visit my eBay office in Ocala.
Meanwhile, I’ve been researching her items and several of them are not “big” eBay sellers but at least we will get the ball rolling for a long lasting consignment partnership together!
Let me provide information about my research along with each item to help Janis understand the reason behind the starting prices along with decisions on auction vs fixed price aka: Buy it now.  
I do intense research on all items before I list them. This is an important process to help receive the most “bang for your buck”, as they say.
To be successful on eBay (aka make money on eBay), the seller must evaluate the CURRENT MARKET VALUE.  Current market value also depends on numerous types of things such as; color, style, new or used etc.
***The #1 tool for this kind of market research is Terapeak. Serious eBay sellers use this tool every day. Terapeak has helped me become the eBay Power Seller I am today!***

  1. Wilsons Leather Purses:The current market value on eBay shows the average selling price at about $20.00 with only a 15% sell-through rate. Janis has two purses along with two pairs of matching sandals.Research shows Wilsons Leather sandals have a very low sell-through rate.Janis suggested selling a purse with the matching shoes as a set which sounds like a good idea but the lady that wants only the purse and cannot wear a size 9 shoe is not going to be interested in the listing. SO, to increase our odds I listed each one separately with the hope that a gal wearing a size 9 will be interested in the purse as well as the shoes.
    Let’s take it all out for a spin: (click each to view the listings below)


  2. Dooney & Bourke Purses:D&B purses are all over the board regarding price. And, like many items, the price value has gone down compared to years ago. The vintage doctor type bags do sell better than most.
    • Satchel Handbag – eBay item # 391210189690SOLD $29.00


  3. The Bridge Handbags:This brand does well if they are the larger styles. It is a shame the one I have listed has a pink smudge stain on the front so we will start it low price and hope for the best. eBay item #391210208469  – NO SALE. – Giving it another try with an even lower opening bid  – eBay item # 401022946108. (AUCTION ENDED per owner request with a $25.00 stop auction fee.)
  4. Etienne Aigner Tote:Etienne Aigner is yet another brand with sales that are a hit and miss, but we will give it a try since a tote may have better odds. eBay item # 400965577040. NO SALE – relisted eBay item # 401022948289(AUCTION ENDED per owner request with a $25.00 stop auction fee.)
  5. Tommy Hilfiger:Tommy Hilfiger is more popular outside the USA than in our homeland. I’ve noticed this trend since it is more available at lower priced stored like Ross. The average eBay price is about $17.00. eBay item #  391210232175. SOLD $10.50
  6. Fredericks of Hollywood:Itimates from Fredericks of Hollywood also are not as high selling as they used to be but we will give it a try and see how it goes since your items are new.


  7. Enell Sports Bras:
          Enell Sports Bras do sell very well on eBay if they are new with tags. The one I have listed has some snags on the backside so we will see what it will sell for. – eBay item #

    400965654688 SOLD $27.00.

    • California Beauty Slim n’ Fit:I saw many of these sold on eBay for less than 10.00 and even a few new one’s sold for $4.99. I will still list them but will list them both together.
      • 2 Silhouette Supreme’s – eBay item # 400965656541SOLD $9.99

    The good news is that we now have all the items listed. The not so good news is that the items are not high-end types of items so I am looking forward to listing the Louis Vuitton’s and better selling items next time.
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