Listing Mr. Lincoln on eBay

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Abraham Lincoln Painting E Theo Mills eBay Consignment Danna Crawford 650x425
My friend Anne brought this amazing painting to me to sell for her on eBay. As many of you already know I am a consignment seller accepting all types of items to list on eBay. This particular item has had me spending a lot of time with research. I do not mind researching items because it can actually help with the selling of the item so it is time well spent.
Paintings of Mr. Lincoln are all over the board with price.  The highest one on eBay I found recently sold for $600.00 after the owner had an asking price of $1500.00. And it was professional cleaned. (See Listing ) The interesting thing about this listing, it was re-listed shortly after. This usually means that the high bidder did not pay  so it looks like they have it listed again with a starting price of $1500.(See Listing)
Based on a mint, museum quality with the history on eBay it looks like the current market value would be between 600.00 and 1500.00.  Our painting has not been cleaned. But this may be more desirable to collectors? Sometimes it’s a tough call with listing an item like this, but based on my research and my instinct, I am going to roll the dice with an auction and start it at $800.00 to “take it out for a spin” as I like to say.  “Let the auction begin.” You can follow along and check back in a week to see what the next chapter will be with the listing of Mr. Lincoln.  (See my listing)
eBay Item # 391204916384
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