eBay Consignment Sellers, Resellers and/or Collectors Wanted

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eBay Consignment Sellers, Re-sellers and/or Collectors Wanted/Needed

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Wanted: eBay sellers who sell on consignment, resellers, and/or collectors. Whether you’re a former eBay Trading Assistant or just include consignment sales as part of your business model.
I want to hear from you! You too if you, purchase and resell entire estates, or simply want to add to a treasured collection, I’m looking to send business your way.

Niche sellers and collectors are also wanted.

I just need to know what you collect and what types of items you’re looking for.
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And just to be clear, I don’t want any commission for doing so. I only want to help the people who contact me daily seeking help with selling their stuff, but can’t or don’t want to ship it to me.

I average 10-20 calls a day from potential consignment customers, and I cannot help them all.
selling items on consignment
Instead, these would-be consignors end up stuck with their unwanted items. These are the types of people that have no desire to list them on eBay on their own.
I frequently suggest that they list them on Craigslist or LetGo or in the Facebook marketplace. In fact, I always recommend that for low-value items — but oftentimes they just give up and donate everything to Goodwill. I’d like them to have more and preferably better options.
I would like to pass along someone in their community that can assist them and meet their needs.
consignment directory

To that end, I’m on a mission to put together a reference database of consignment sellers, resellers, and collectors nationwide.
My goal is to be able to refer callers whose consignments I can’t personally handle to someone in their local area or who has a niche selling certain types of items — and that someone could be YOU. I just need to know about you and how to get in touch with you!

ebay trading assistant
To be included in my private directory, all you have to do is fill out the survey below. There’s no commitment; you can always turn down wannabe clients. All I ask is that you please follow up with each referral and give them a simple “Yes” or “No”. Or you can refer them to someone else.
CONTACT ME with any questions.

The primary goal is to find help for people wanting to sell their stuff.
ebay reseller
Again, I’m not looking for any compensation for this service. As I always say, “There’s plenty of eBay for us all to be blessed and prosper.” In the case of consignment sales, however, I’m having to turn down business that might prove profitable for you or another seller.

The payoff for me is that these customers are served…and that could pay off for you as well. This will become a “win-win” situation for us all!
Please review the form and complete the info as needed.
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Thanks for filling out my survey form; I look forward to (virtually) meeting you!
NOTE: if you are LOOKING for a consignment seller yourself, I will do my best to assist. CONTACT ME with your location and what kind of items you want to sell.
Learn more about my consignment selling terms and services at: https://powersellingmom.com/ebay-consignment-selling/
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