eBay Consignment – Raven

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Consignment selling is my favorite part of being an eBay seller. I especially appreciate it when a celebrity comes along like “Raven” and asks me to sell his wares!

Who is Raven

celebrity ebay consignment

Ravenis a three-time World Champion. He won the ECW World Heavyweight Championship twice and the NWA World Heavyweight Championship once. He also held the WCW United States Championship once. He is the record holder for most reigns as WWF/E Hardcore Champion with 39 reigns. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raven_(wrestler))

If only my father were still alive! He loved watching wrestling and I know Raven was one of his guys. With this in mind, I am particularly proud that he has chosen me as his consignment seller.

Raven’s Personal Collection

View the live current listings: The Raven eBay Consignment

Testing The eBay Selling Waters

We’re just getting started.

Raven is sorting through his personal collection. He sent the 1st box, so he could “test the waters” as he was new to my eBay consignment selling process.

It is a learning process for my clients to understand how not only eBay works but how my business works. It takes time.

My goal is to build a long term relationship with my clients. I want to help them liquidate their contents over a period of time. Online selling is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme.

The vision between us is to provide quality items to those that have a desire to own them. Low value or high value, the feeling is mutual. Everyone, including celebrities, wants their “stuff” to go to an appreciative home.

Online Consignment

Some items are worthy to be added to other online marketplaces in addition to eBay. I’ve recently expanded my reach to:

  • Etsy
  • Grailed
  • Mercari
  • Poshmark
  • Tradesy
  • Depop
  • Kidezen
  • Facebook Marketplace

Every item is unique. I treat each item with special attention. It is in my best interest to provide the finest details to get an item sold. Some items sell quickly while other items take time. Some items only need keywords and the right price.

sold items on ebay

Raven eBay Consignment Sold Items

  • Steampunk Band OULM Watch w/hidden back “stash” zipper – SOLD $35.00 – Shipped to Portland OR.
  • Tom King Mitch Gerads -Mister Miracle Trade book – SOLD $15.00 – Shipped to Troy NY.

For my customers it is always interesting to know where their articles have gone. Which part of the world holds its precious goods today?

Consignment Research Is King

I know I preach it all of the time how important research is. This remains a fact. I list items based on the current market value by reviewing sold trends. WorthPoint is my go-to resource tool.

Once I determine an asking price, I will either discuss it with my client or I will list it immediately without delay.

The eBay Listing Process

Once the value is decided on, the choice is an auction vs fixed price. Also, discussed is the lowest selling price based on research.

Taking Pictures – It is My Job

stay competitive with photos on ebay

I take all of the photos and I do my best to include at least 12 as often as possible. Photos help sell and is a key part of the listing process.

Consignment Shipping

I ship the item according to the shipping terms on the listing. Many items are shipping globaly. World wide shipping plays a very important factor for success.

After The Consignment Sale

Once the item is sold and delivered, I save the details on a spreadsheet. I have to monitor for returns or questions the buyers may have. Checks are cut the first week of each month after the items have been paid for, shipped and the feedback left.

Learn more about my consignment terms: https://powersellingmom.com/ebay-consignment-selling/

Vist Ravens website: TheRavenEffect.com