Selling Lagenlook, Wearable Art, Magnolia Pearl, and Krista Larson via eBay Consignment

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lagenlook consignment
Lagenlook and Wearable Art clothing styles all the rage. A popular style among women, Lagenlook allows a woman to diversify a wardrobe. Consignment sales of clothing on eBay prove successful when fitting the Lagenlook trend.

But, what is it that’s so enticing about this style? How do you know if your items are suitable for the Lagenlook style? Finally, what does an eBay seller need to know about Lagenlook to ensure sales?

What is Lagenlook Anyway?

Lagenlook is a word stemming from the German word, “Lagen,” “lay or layer.” Hence, the term Lagenlook becomes “Layered Look.” Some people describe the look as a trendy, hippie, boho style. Others call the trend in fashion as quirky, funky, and cute style.
With the diversity in looks a woman can create, it lets women get the most for her fashion-buck! Lagenlook-style is something travelers appreciate too, as it allows for layering of attire. With the layering of clothing, you’re always at the ready for sudden or unexpected changes in climate.

Beginning in London, Lagenlook is a no-rules street style. The trend involves layering and draping unstructured, asymmetrical clothing pieces. Complementary colors make for intriguing looks.
The layering of the attire allows for average and plus sized women to look spectacular in the style. Why? Because the clothing hangs or drapes of the body in complementary ways. Lagenlook is like an Art to Wear style. It lets the wearer hide imperfections and emphasis the parts of the body they desire.

What Are the Benefits of the Lagenlook Style?

As mentioned above, the prime benefit for Lagenlook style lovers is wardrobe diversity. The ability to layer attire and change looks stretches a person’s wardrobe budget. But, there are even more benefits to this trendy style. With Lagenlook styles, a fashionista gains all the following benefits:

  • Ability to make a fashion statement that’s unique and expressions one’s personality
  • Integrating new and vintage clothing for a one-of-a-kind look
  • Allow for mixing and matching designer brands with a fun and chic layered look
  • Almost any brand or designer fits into a Lagenlook appearance.
  • Victorian-style and flowing attire also works well with the look
  • Second hand items fit right into the Lagenlook trend

Popular Lagenlook Sales on eBay

A look on the sold items on eBay will show you what items of a particular styles are popular. Enter “Lagenlook” in an eBay search. Then, specify “sold only” items in the search refinement options. The listings of successful sales give you a fast visual of current buyer demand. It also gives you an idea about appropriate item pricing.
Some of the most popular items include short sleeve vests, tunic tops, and jumper tunics. Lagenlook attire is eye catching with plenty of variety in color selections too. The color variations allow the buyer to invest in clothing that’s appealing. It also allows for interesting combinations of the different pieces.

Dresses, sweaters, coats, and jackets are also among the popular choices. There’s no end to the list of apparel eBay shoppers are seeking to create a Lagenlook mix. For pants, the leggings and Ali Baba leggings that crop up a few inches above the ankle are fast sellers. Lagenlook baggy harem jumpsuits also appear as some faster selling items. The ability to mix and match makes the clothing so appealing in the first place.
Here’s a quick summary list of popular items perfect for the Lagenlook style. Consider selling these fast-sale pieces if you want to sell via consignment:

  • Vests
  • Sweaters
  • Skirts
  • Single-piece attire with special designs creates a layered illusion
  • Short sleeve tunic tops
  • Lacey tops, sheer blouses, and tunics or tops with asymmetrical designs
  • Jumpsuits
  • Ali Baba Leggings
  • Pieces of lightweight fabrics suitable for layering like lace, satin, or chiffon

Why Lagenlook Trends Equals Successful Consignment Sales

The clothing a woman can integrate into a Lagenlook wardrobe means diversity. But, it’s not only clothing diversity for the buyer. It’s also diversity of items to sell for the eBay and consignment seller. Any baggy, light, or color attire fits into a Lagenlook mix with the right eye for fashion.
Since you can mix and match brand-named clothing too, it means a seller gets more visibility on eBay. How? By listing under different brands and the Lagenlook key search terms. More visibility means more successful and faster commission sales.

Lagenlook and Art to Wear Styles: What Do They Have in Common?

The flexibility of the Lagenlook makes it like the Art to Wear styles today. Art to Wear or wearable art is jewelry or clothing that’s handmade. Art to Wear goes beyond being basic clothing. Creators of the jewelry or clothing intend to make a statement: One unique, and creative. The intention is for the viewer to see the clothing as a work of art.
Features of wearable art include:
Fibrous materials Sometimes unique non-fabric materials are part of the attire. Such materials include metal, plastic sheeting, and leather as examples.

  • Painted, virgin materials and fabric
  • Usually handmade and not reproducible in an exact duplicate design
  • Unusual prints, colors, and decorated fabric

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Types of Art to Wear on eBay

As it is with Lagenlook clothing, Art to Wear pieces give a woman wardrobe diversity. A woman can mix and match pieces to create a look all her own. The most common pieces of Art to Wear eBay sellers offer include:

  • Tie-dyed and patchwork skirts
  • Tied-dyed and boho hoodies
  • Long tunics and dresses
  • Embroidered vests
  • Embroidered and patchwork coats
  • Colorful long and short sleeve blouses, many with a Lagenlook style
  • Cardigan sweaters
  • Boho, Lagenlook, and harem-style baggy pants

The Successful Sale of Lagenlook and Art to Wear Styles

The eBay seller must know everything about the products. Through research they can discover who finds such items appealing. Whatever the brand of clothing is, it’s the eBay seller’s job to know all about that clothing style. Whether promoting vintage Victorian-style clothing or brand designers, product knowledge is selling power.
If you are having an eBay seller sell your clothing for you, it’s a good idea for you to do your own research first. The only way you and your eBay seller will make money is if the products sell. Thus, you need to know if the attire you have is in demand. If so, you’ll have a better sense of what kind of money you can make when working with a reputable consignor.
So, what brands fit into the Art to Wear and Lagenlook trend? Creative fashionistas can make any whimsical, boho, fantasy, or casual brand work. Among such brands are Magnolia Pearl and Krista Larson. The latter designer brands are popular selling eBay items, especially through consignment.

Magnolia Pearl Sales on eBay

The clothing from the Magnolia Pearl line features a revere for the old and classic. Robin Brown is the designing genius behind the creations in the Magnolia Pearl line. Much of the attire features things like tucks, pleats, and there’s plenty of lace.
Magnolia Pearl clothing is ultra-feminine and borders on the side of fantasy. It’s as if the designer is attempting to capture the surreal in every piece he crafts. Brown’s line of clothing is nothing short of whimsical.
Robin hand designs all her pieces out of vintage fabrics she chooses herself. Robin has been in the creative art industry for over sixteen years. She puts all her efforts into her limited designs which is happily calls a “labor of love.” She is always producing new pieces, but her limited run items make her work even more popular. She does not produce garments on a biannual or seasonal basis, but brings in the new every month.

  • The Magnolia Pearl line has fabrics that are “developed globally and naturally occurring.”
  • Some clothing in the line consist of antique and vintage materials.
  • The attire is something Robin styles individually to meet the need of the wearer
  • Magnolia Pearl clothing is cohesive, free flowing, adaptive sexy, timeless, and iconic
  • Many art collectors are fond of Robin’s work
  • Each piece of attire is art to wear
  • The wearable art is rare and exudes an air of originality

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Who Does the Magnolia Pearl Line Appeal to Anyway?

Many women seeking casual or dress wear find Magnolia Pearl attractive. Much of the attire is casual. There are tee shirts and bloomers, but there are fantastic dresses for summer or lite office wear too. Some items have art as a design, reminiscent of wearable art. Many art collectors covet Robin’s clothing designs as well.
The flagship store for Magnolia Pearl designs is like a step back in time. It’s at Highway 290 East in Fredericksburg, Texas, where it emanates an old-world style and feel. For those who may never have time to visit Texas, they can still find items on eBay. The opportunity to buy Magnolia Pearl Lagenlook and Art to Wear is appealing.
There are items in the Magnolia Pearl line that’s perfect for those who love the Lagenlook. Layering clothes is easy with the often-baggy items one can buy from this brand name. So, what else does the Magnolia line offer the chance for consignment sales?
Consignment sellers will find many items from this fashion line sell quick on eBay. Such items include:

  • Creative tee shirts
  • Lagenlook tunics
  • Scarfs
  • Antique dresses
  • Bloomer pants
  • Pearl blouses
  • And accessories like handmade handbags

About Krista Larson Sales on eBay

Krista Larson is a line of fashion available to consumers since 1994. The line is perfect for Art to Wear lovers as every piece is handmade. Larson is a fashion designer who is a native of Southern California. It is in California where she resides and makes her clothing line. She’s always had a different eye for fashion.
She was once a student at the University of Hawaii. It was in Hawaii she studied business. Later, she studied in London. She graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor’s degree. She majored in Fashion Merchandising and Design.
Larson was selling hats on consignment when in her final year of college. When she graduated, she continued with her sales in different boutiques. All the while, she worked in a manufacturing facility. Her line includes one of a kind pieces, and she uses fifty different fabrics in her creations. Colors vary and include up to thirteen choices.
Larson’s items feature a “one size fits most label.” The designer adds this label with the intention of not making women feel bad about their body image. She makes structured and loose-fitting attire to appeal to a broad female audience.

Additional Features of Krista Larson Selections

The label also includes a “made in the USA” notation for those who want to support American workers. Larson garments are made in Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire. Every button and label are handsewn. The clothing is best cared for through dry cleaning methods. It will ensure the integrity of the buttons, garment, and fabric. Additional features include:

  • Ribbons, trims, and lace
  • Antique reproductions
  • Intentional discolorations for a time worn and homey look
  • Machine and handloomed sweaters
  • Sweaters available in heavy, medium, and light weights
  • Alpaca, camel, and cotton wools

Common popular looks include:

  • Button up Embroidered jackets
  • Light cotton slips
  • Underpinning skirts
  • Velvet and light cami tops (great for Lagenlook trends)
  • Skirts with asymmetrical hems
  • Tops with extra fabric
  • Pleated dresses
  • Boxy sweaters
  • Cotton jersey tops with print and abstract designs

Lagenlook and Art to Wear styles are popular because they add an element of fun to fashion. No matter what a woman’s fashion budget, she can create a wardrobe full of Lagenlook and Art to Wear options. It’s easy to mix new clothing, vintage items, and second-hand buys.
The new and used clothing includes hot brands like Magnolia Pearl and Krista Larson. When creating the layered Lagenlook, a woman builds a unique and one-of-a-kind wardrobe. The popularity Lagenlook makes the trend a money-making opportunity for consignment sales.
The ability to mix and match makes these styles an affordable solution. There’s no need to spend a fortune, and this is good news for the fashionista on a shoe string budget. The popularity of Lagenlook and Art to Wear styles makes for promising eBay sales. If selling through commissions, selling popular items is a win-win. It means profits for the eBay seller and the original seller of the clothing.
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Top selling lagenlook brands I’m accepting on consignment:

  • OSKA

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