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ebay consignment tampa florida

One of the best parts of being an eBay consignment seller is that I get to meet folks from all over the world. Through consignment selling, I’ve made some of the most wonderful friends!

Hailing from Tampa, Florida, my new friends “Joanne and Charles” brought me some fun and interesting items. Feel free to follow along while I start the process of listing these items on eBay!

NOTE: If you have items to be considered for consignment, visit my “Consignment page” to learn more and contact me about your items.

First up is an effects pedal for a guitar by Marshall. It’s called a Guv’Nor Push pedal GV-2. Today’s research results show a 26% sell through rate with the average price of $53.43.  I did find one that sold for $88.88 which was new, in the box from Japan, eBay item # 272132761135.

There are several current listings on the site with the lowest auction starting at $39.99 and the highest buy-it-now price set at $90.24 from Germany.  Based on this research an auction is not a good idea for this item. I’ll start the asking price just below the highest USA price of $69.99 eBay item # 222091083550. Our listing is LIVE eBay item # 391458988579. SOLD $64.99

Pedaltrain makes top-of-the-line metal cases to hold fragile sound and music equipment. The case I’ve been researching does not have all the higher-end items that go inside. Research shows someone selling new cases for $189.00 on a regular basis. eBay item # 381554016261 and there are a few others listed at a lower price. I also found an auction with an opening bid of $99.99 that ended with one bid so it sold at that price.

This is very heavy so it will have an impact on price. The $189.00 seller is including free shipping.  I will not be including free shipping on this item so I think I will also go with the auction route with an opening bid of $89.99 and hope for more bidders! eBay item # 401121994100. SOLD $101.00 – Canceled Sale – This does happen sometimes and in this situation the person backed out of the listing. No worries, I sent a “second chance offer” to the next bidder and he bought it for only a $1.00 less than the other guy so it worked out fine! SOLD $100.00.

WaveMaster Pro, set of two Microprocessor Pump controls I’ve decided to combine the two of them together as a fixed price listing at the price of $94.00 including make an offer. eBay item # 391459112860.

Deluxe memory Man – Electro-Harmonix – This is an interesting item that I’ve never seen before. Items like this make me love my job even more because I love to keep learning. I did find an item that is the same brand but a different style that sold for $672.00.

Too bad we don’t have that one right? eBay item # 291651843754.  The one that we have for sale varies in price. Unfortunately we don’t have the power cord for this one which does make the value drop a bit.  Currently on eBay there is a comparable model selling for $168.00, eBay item # 141019972913.

Looks they have sold a few of them.  After deeper research I finally found the same model of the one we have that sold for $221.00.  Another awesome selling feature in our favor is the fact that this item has fantastic product reviews.

Based on my research, I found a recent auction that ended on May 10, 2016 with a starting bid of $140.00 and sold for $165.50 eBay item # 222106521661.  I’ve decided to run an auction with a starting price of $149.99 eBay item # 401122000949.

The average selling price on auction for the MXR Smartgate is $53.70 with a 55% sell through rate is pretty good.  Their suggested starting price is $30.00. Based on these results I will list this one with a starting bid of $29.99 – eBay item # 391459251458. SOLD $64.00

High Gain Foot Pedal by Dunlop has a very low sell through rate. I did find a brand new one sold for $89.99, eBay item 151952771322 but it seems to be a slow selling, low demand type of item.

Currently there are about 15 of these listed on eBay CLICK TO VIEW with the lowest at $29.99 but it is not in the greatest condition and they are charging $14.95 shipping. eBay item # 162055028490 – Based on this information I will list ours as a Fixed price with make an offer at $58.00 and free shipping, eBay item # 391459249041. SOLD $58.00.

The Dunlop CAE Wah-MC404 pedal has a 51% sell through rate. Based on 70 listings in the last 90 days with most of them listed as fixed price with an average selling price of $120.00. I did find one that sold for $169.99 and it did include some cables.

They actually sold 16 of these. eBay item # 251567267212. Unfortunately our pedal does not include the power adapter so this will bring down the price a bit.  I’ve decided to start this one as an auction with a starting price of $51.39 based on the condition. eBay item # 391461011892. SOLD $94.01.

Tech 21 NYC Double Drive 3X MOD Overdrive Distortion Boost Guitar Effect Pedal box was a bit tough to research because of the different words to search for.

I did find a few listed currently on eBay with original box and cords. Based on research I decided to run an auction with free shipping, starting bid $49.99, eBay item # 401123128585. SOLD $67.56.

Loop Master – yes you read it correctly and it’s not something you use to make potholders!  It’s actually a “switch” strip or long board that allows guitar players to “loop” their sounds.  

Aka True bypass loopers or metal switches. Personally, I never knew until I visited the website : https://www.loop-master.com/ I was able to gain a lot of educational knowledge at the site about these types of loops.

And most importantly which types of keywords to use for my listing because there are not many listed on eBay nor have many sold over the last few months. This one has 7 loops and the best sellers have 8.

Like this one that recently sold for $200.00 on May 1, 2006 eBay item # 121968801684.  After much research I decided to run an auction with a starting bid of $49.99 and include free shipping.  This type of listing style will let the marketplace decide on the value. eBay item # 401123126601. SOLD $103.51.

Ultralink Pro Ultra-Flexible 8-Channel Splitter/Mixer Model MX882 is not a big money item but it does have a good sell through rate according to my research with a 50% sell through and an average price of $50.09!

One is also currently listed on eBay as a buy-it-now for $40.00. Based on those statistics they also include new in the box and with cables/cords.  We’ll start our auction at $24.99 and roll the dice! eBay item #401123408148. SOLD $42.00

Sonance SONAMP 260 – This is a heavy, solid amplifier! Research shows it it has a 39% sell through rate with an average selling price of $69.58.

I am hoping we can do better than that because I did find the highest priced sale recently was a set of two that sold for $200.00 eBay item 331778186410. After taking a look at the auction results, the risk is high it would sell low on auction, so I’ll list this as a fixed priced item with make an offer. eBay item #391461704977.

Nakamichi DR-3 2 HEAD Cassette Deck Player – This is a hard to find item according to my research.  I could only find 5 listings, an 80% sell through rate. Only one did not sell :

Nakamichi DR-3 2 HEAD Cassette Deck Player

There is currently one listed on eBay for $199.99 and they are not offering international shipping. eBay item # 301940379355.

They also have a long view of terms which should work in our favor! Based on my research findings, on items like this I like to “roll the dice” with a 10 day auction and a low starting bid! Let the games begin: eBay item # 401123597707.  SOLD $103.50

Who remembers VHS? It won’t be long for kids to have no clue what in the heck it means!  This is a classic VHS tape player by SONY. 

While running a quick search for Sony vhs players it seems there are many different styles. SLV-N71 is the model on our unit. The average price on this one is only about $38.00 and unfortunately we don’t have a remote.

There are quite a few currently listed with one as low as $29.99 as a buy-it-now with a remote!  So, in a situation like this I’ll run an auction and start the bid low enough to hopefully grab some bidders. eBay item # 401123919288. – SOLD $14.99.

Sonance Symphony Speakers – Set of two  621 SSTR Single Stereo.  These can be a slow seller and I’ve found some sell for as low as $19.99 so with that said, I will list the two together.  While searching for more information online I learned that these are no longer being manufactured.

This would explain why there are not many listed. I did find one current listing with a used single speaker with an asking price of $89.99. I”ll list the set as a fixed price listing with make an offer at $179.99, eBay item # 391462353411. – SOLD $179.99!

Next we have the Sonance Ellipse 1.0 LCR In-Celing Speaker which also is not being made anymore. I did find a current seller with a few, eBay item # 131446948961

His original asking price was $499.00 and now he has them listed at $199.00.  I will list ours for a bit lower at $189.99 eBay item # 401124024240. – SOLD – offer accepted $140.00. Shipped to Italy.

Roland GR-33 Guitar Synthesizer – This actually has a 76% sell through rate with the average price of $237.52 out of only 38 listed in the last 90 days. Based on that I’ll run an auction with that same starting price. T

he good news is, at this time there is only one listed with a high asking price of $400.00. Let the games begin! eBay item # 401124427124. SOLD $256.01

Schecter Diamond Series guitar Hell Raiser – First I must say what a beauty this guitar is! It did have a bit of dust but with a soft q-tip I was able to clean it up nice!

There actually have been no sales in the last 90 days of this type of guitar from the “Hell Raiser” series but the name Schecter Diamond Series has had a few sales out of 784 listed with a 25% sell through rate.

The average price out of that many is about $232.00 but we will shoot for much more.  However the “Hellraiser” types have a 35% sell through rate. I was able to locate a current one on eBay with an asking price of $399.99 so based on that I’ve decided to do an auction with a starting price of $375.00 and run it for 10 days!

eBay item #391463189107. NO SALE – No worries, that strategy didn’t work. There is always a plan B 🙂 Now I’ll drop the auction price to the average selling price of $232.00 and run a 7 day auction. eBay item # 391475230303.

vx-7 Subwoofer Miller & Kreisel Sound Corporation – M&K –  Only about 15 of these were listed on eBay in the last 90 days and only a few sold but I’m not discouraged by that because many people were asking too much and when you do that it will tend to scare off potential buyers.

One recently sold in March for $99.94 eBay item # 172126531775 however our woofer does not have the front cover for it so this may bring down the price a bit. Currently there are only 3 listed and they are all fixed price listings. The lowest at $85.00 but only selling for parts.

The next up is $149.00 and they have 22 watchers! Wow!

 The 3rd one is asking $215.00. So with that said, the decision is, to list it as a 10 day auction with a starting price of $99.99. eBay item # 401124551244.

Spider III 15 Amp – Line 6 –  Out of 54 listings in the last 90 days the average selling price is only $48.00. I was a bit disappointed as I was expecting this to be higher.  

This type of item goes to show, you never know. The highest one recently sold for $89.00 and another seller had one listed as a buy-it-now for $125.00 and then eventually accepted an offer of $75.00.

There are quite a few of these listed right now with as low as a $20.00 starting auction price on up. One great thing in favor is that I have awesome feedback and a reputation. Looking at others listed they have zero or low feedback.

So, I’m ready to roll the dice on this one with an opening bid of $19.99, ten day auction. eBay item # 401124735865. sold BUT the high bidder backed out and the second bidder was not interested. Relisted eBay item # 391475235200

MultiTrak Recording Studio MRS-1266 – Sorry to report that these have only a 12% sell through rate which means this item can be a “slow” sell. However there are only 2 from the USA listed currently on eBay along with several from Japan.

There is one ending tomorrow, Sunday May 22, 2016. I’ll take a look at how theirs ends before listing this one. eBay # 361559768477. The average price is $131.67. Based on this I’ll try a 7 day auction with an opening bid of $129.99. eBay item #391469776171. – I had to END this listing because someone brought to my attention that there is a RED SLIDER KNOB missing. I cannot list it again until this is sorted out.

Faller Z 2732 – Engine House kit – This is the kind of item to list on it’s own as a fixed price of $34.99, Free shipping. eBay item #401124741911. SOLD $34.99

90 z Scale Train Landscaping Trees – I decided to LOT together these 3 sets of trees to total 90 since they are new in package and start a 7 day auction at 99 cents!

  1. NOCH 42508 Z
  2. NOCH 42515 Z
  3. HEKI Nr. 301
  4. eBay item # 391463709832 – SOLD $22.27

BEHRINGER MIDI foot controller – Based on research this is listed with a fiexed price and make an offer  at $ 159.99 eBay item # 401128540146.

I’m happy we are nearing the end. The few final items I will be creating box lots on the smaller groups.

  • Lot of 12 Z Trains with Railroad staff – (12 items) eBay item # 391469877903 – NOTE, it seems these trains were not all Z scale. There are also some N scales mixed in. Bidders contacted me to let me know. so to avoid a return or refund I’m ending the listing and will list it again with the proper track types.   To do this, first I must cancel all bids placed on the listing. Starting with the high bidder of $40.01. I will then work my way down the bidding list of the 9 bidders until there are no bids on the item. Once we have zero bids I will relist it with the correct information.  Let’s try this again, eBay item # 391475187304
  • Lot of 20 items – eBay item # 391469920716
  • Woodland Lot – 13 items eBay 401129058945
  • Lot of tracks w/Transformers – eBay 401129080570 – We also had to end the listing for the tracks because they too were mixed with two types of scales. eBay item # 391475193874.

Large Z Scale board by NOCH – 401129106255

Next we have the lovely clock – This one has been a tough listing because it has no “brand name” or maker mark. Only marking it contains is “Made in Korea.”  – Bottom line, these can be tough to sell.

This one seems bigger than the others and since it is not battery operated, this can be a selling point. Auctions do not do well unless it is a name brand so with that said I’ll list it as a fixed price with make an offer and we will see how it goes! eBay item # 391470114621.

And the final three:

  1. WII System – 401129138288
  2. XBOX 360 bar – eBay # 391470055853
  3. 2 Dynasty Door Levers – 391470066476

This process should give everyone an idea of what I go through when I list an item on eBay.

It takes time and energy to research. It’s not like the old days, you could list an item on eBay with no worries. Now it takes a strategic style. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to selling on eBay.


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