Top Twitter Marketing Tips That Get the Most Followers

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Every day I’m asked, “How did you get almost 35K twitter Followers”?! Well, in this post, I’m revealing my secret Twitter marketing tips. And, I’ll even tell you my most important one, now.
Are you ready?
Hard work. There. I did it. I let the cat out of the bag. 😉
See, many folks want to be an overnight sensation – with tons of Twitter Followers and instant Internet fame. Good luck with that. My style is more old-school. Using Twitter (or any social media platform) for marketing is one way I have to help people succeed online. And that’s my whole business model in a nutshell. I help others become successful.
I did not become successful overnight. But I’ve built a lasting brand. Below, you’ll find my best Twitter marketing tips to help you achieve the same!

Twitter Marketing Tip #1 – Better Tweets

Better Tweets work best- Yes. Sounds like a ‘duh, I already knew that’. But, people get really tired of being ‘marketed to’. So, craft your promotional tweets, replies and content tweets with some heart and personality. And, look into Twitter ‘Moments’.
Since Tweet length can’t exceed 140 characters, better Tweets are crucial to your social media strategy. It’s tough to be engaging in such a short amount of copy. But that’s today’s social media marketing world so it’s best to embrace it.
If you’re having a tough time thinking of 140 ‘interesting characters’, find a college student to help you out. They know how to pack 140 characters full of fabulousness!

Twitter Marketing Tip #2 – Keyword Placement in Hashtags

If you don’t have tons of Twitter Followers then how will people find their way to all your wonderful content and products? Hastags, of course!

Use relevant SEO keywords in your copy and as hashtags.
Terapeak is a tremendous tool to help you conduct SEO keyword research! Use Terapeak to help you gather a list of niche-specific keywords and keyword phrases in your vertical (type of products, subject matter, etc.).
Sometimes, trending hashtags are not exact SEO keyword phrase matches. You can use a tool to help you find what the best hashtags in your vertical are. I’m a big fan of
Using hashtags in your Twitter marketing helps folks find your content and products. SEO friendly hastags also help notify Twitter’s search engines what you’re marketing. Once Twitter knows what you’re trying to ‘sell’, it can introduce your brand to its audience!

Twitter Marketing Tip #3 – Sharing Links & Useful Content

When folks start promoting their brand, they sometimes loose sight that it’s not all about ‘them’ – that customers should be their #1 priority. In this, it’s important to share links that give great tutorials, valuable information, and other useful content. This is a terrific Twitter marketing strategy that’s been proven time and again to be effective in both getting and retaining a loyal customer base.
Additionally, sharing tons of excellent info in your niche helps leverage your brand as an authority in the space.

Twitter Marketing Tip #4 – Networking is Still Relevant

The term “networking” is so 1980’s! LOL And, yet, it’s still the foundation of any business. If people don’t know about you, they can’t buy anything from you, right?
Find others in your ‘tribe’ and be nice to them. That’s all networking really is! Say, “Hi”, offer to help, give a sincere compliment – no matter how you approach meeting new people (online or in-person) be authentic and you can’t go wrong. You’ll be surprised how many others will give you a hand up!

Twitter Marketing Tip #5 – Nurturing Relationships

Once you establish connections, nurture those relationships. Don’t be a ‘one and done’ online friend!
When anyone tweets about your blog post, video or products (or retweets the same) – thank them. Start conversations, tweet to your community and show gratitude to those who have followed you. It can be very hectic trying to maintain or build a business. But you must make the time to interact in a genuine way with those who support you.
Online communities can be fickle and, sometimes, harsh. So, build loyalty by being supportive and gracious.

Twitter Marketing Tip #6 – Secret Strategy Revealed!

OK. I’m not really revealing my secret strategy here but I really love the headline and wanted to use it. Besides, there is no ‘secret’. In the first part of this post, I ‘revealed’ that having successful social media marketing strategy included hard work.
Not sure how to find the right people to network with? Try using Twitter’s Advanced Search feature.
The only other ‘secret’ that an effective Twitter marketing strategy includes is to use the lessons we were taught in kindergarten. Play nice, be respectful and be kind.
Want help setting up your social media and Twitter marketing strategies? I’m here for you! Click below and schedule your training or consultation, today!
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