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Vintage Purses on Consignment


Vintage Beaded Purse eBay Consignment Danna Crawford 700x566

Recently a gal brought me some amazing and fun vintage purses for selling on eBay via eBay consignment!

Many will be listed on a 7-day auction while others may be listed at a fixed price. Either way I will do my best to list each one in a fashion for us all to make the most amount of money.  Increasing the odds for high sales is all based on market research. For this, I use Terapeak.

Feel free to follow along on this eBay selling journey.

NOTE: If you have vintage purses or other items you want me to sell on eBay consignment, contact me by email or call Danna Crawford 352-209-2792.

Danna Crawford eBay Training Consulting CTA 700x300


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