Watches and Costume Jewelry on eBay Consignment

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Vintage Watch Costume Jewelry eBay Consignment Danna Crawford 699x550
Selling costume jewelry on eBay can be challenging. It’s important to learn about the style names along with understanding fine jewelry vs costume.  
As an eBay consignment seller, I am kind of picky when it comes to accepting costume jewelry on consignment because so much of it can be a low selling. However, I will make an exception when high-end items are combined with the lot.  
Mixing things up in my eBay store is something I like to do which offers items from low prices to high prices attracting all sorts of shoppers.
This page is dedicated to my friend “BG” that has consigned with me to liquidate an estate of watches and fun jewelry. I will post the listings here as well as the sold price along with the status.
Check back often for updates.

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